Changing up things PARALLELS 2&3

Swapping books 2 and 3 in “Parallels” series

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My little secret_

To all the great people who read my blog – or just stumble upon this land of crazy. Weather you know my works, or it’s your first time seeing something – thank you! I appreciate you checking this page!

So, what is this little secret?

There is a “secret” book that I’m making. It is still a work in progress.
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The Lighter Soul

Perhaps you’ve seen such occurrence. When you keep on thinking and thinking over many, countless, things, problems, issues and then at some point it short circuits, it just goes “puff” – smoke comes out and there is no more system working. You just have the lingering feeling of being absolutely wrong, of being unaccomplished, yet you just look up at tree tops… Look up at tree tops and enjoy how beautiful the wind is playing with autumn colored leafs. Continue reading