The Lighter Soul

Perhaps you’ve seen such occurrence. When you keep on thinking and thinking over many, countless, things, problems, issues and then at some point it short circuits, it just goes “puff” – smoke comes out and there is no more system working. You just have the lingering feeling of being absolutely wrong, of being unaccomplished, yet you just look up at tree tops… Look up at tree tops and enjoy how beautiful the wind is playing with autumn colored leafs. Continue reading


Parallels – take a guess, try this read

Hey there you all beautiful people!

I have submitted my work to the contest on the INKITT website. It’s my dear child of writing creation – PARALLELS.

I have worked on this for a while, now I do feel like it is really there. With bits and bobs adjusted as I went. Now it is readable and enjoyable!

Please check out link – reserve a copy of a writing! Help this writer do more creating!

Here is the link –Inkitt PARALLELS

Thank you all!


Powerless/Silent Shout/Up


The inner strength is really something great. It keeps you going, it is your “mast” that holds you, your goals, and your desires.
But sometimes life gives you too many hardships – troubles, problems, issues.
And day by day, as you fight it all, while seeking for the solutions, you wear yourself out bit by bit. Each time becoming a bit more exhausted, a bit weaker. Continue reading