Corroded half

Sun burns the skin, whilst wind softly caresses it. Hair get messed up in the wind. She holds her phone, looking on screen, reading messages.

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Parallels – take a guess, try this read

Hey there you all beautiful people!

I have submitted my work to the contest on the INKITT website. It’s my dear child of writing creation – PARALLELS.

I have worked on this for a while, now I do feel like it is really there. With bits and bobs adjusted as I went. Now it is readable and enjoyable!

Please check out link – reserve a copy of a writing! Help this writer do more creating!

Here is the link –Inkitt PARALLELS

Thank you all!


Powerless/Silent Shout/Up


The inner strength is really something great. It keeps you going, it is your “mast” that holds you, your goals, and your desires.
But sometimes life gives you too many hardships – troubles, problems, issues.
And day by day, as you fight it all, while seeking for the solutions, you wear yourself out bit by bit. Each time becoming a bit more exhausted, a bit weaker. Continue reading

Update to PARALLELS – prologue

Happened to know how to improve my book – there must be PROLOGUE!
There is a really messed up perception in the beginning and as you follow, it takes a bit of time to make all sink in, therefore it requires prologue.

Something that is TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY needed, gives a bit of insights and lets you get a gist of WTF this is going to be about.

From what I have created – I absolutely love the prologue.
It really gives a great vibe, it translucently shades the story in an imaginative colour that is required and does not really spoil a thing. Maybe it does trigger the question of “What the heck?” – but that is what i was going for.

Well, shall update this mofo now in both INKITT and Kindle Amazon… so that there is more to love. (Hopefully.)

And now, yes, there is PROLOGUE to the book – check the links to read it!

Feel free to say how good or rubbish this story is – criticism is what makes it better!

Thank you!

“Parallels” book       INKITT Link –

“Parallels” book      Kindle Amazon UK link –