It was close to nothing and nothing it would be close to. It seemed like miles away and within hands reach. Like there would be no such thing and yet it existed. The perplexity of the whole thing was overbearing and simultaneously light.

Soft days, sunny and warm days, windy and rainy days, lonesome days and overfilled days… Endless days on end.
No longer it was the endless cycle of ouroboros, it was the steps of tower that spiralled up and up and up.

The sense of past, detached, as looking behind, standing on the steps of the tower, just there, just behind. The events that made me – me, yet had nothing to do with me now. Could not affect me, could not inflict emotions of pain or regret, even happiness or joy. Just a lingering extensive peace with it. All is in the past.

Upwards were endless stairs, leading to the new achievements and goals, dreams and desires. But here – here it were open large windows, with the stars and the moon, with the sun and the galaxy blazing the multitude of colours, like a day and night being beside you at the same time.

Here… Here the step is like a healing path. A path that’s been meant to be walked on, to be experienced and to be learned from. It would not be endless struggles, it were never the pain that would not cease, it were not the rambling thoughts that would not wither and like ash be scattered in the wind. It were never meant to stay, to dig you in and make you feel the roots. It was all passing moment. “This, shall also pass”

The baggage that were carried along, seems to be ripped, with the items dropped one by one on the steps below to never be recovered. Past stays in the past. The whole lot eventually ended with just a bag over shoulder, that too, fell off somewhere. Past stays in the past. No need to carry any of that heavy load for nothing.

Days slowly change, they pass, they flow, like the river that never stays the same, the waters which cannot be same ever again. Just endless cycles of change.

It might be scary, to let go, it were to me as well. Though, there’s nothing to be attached to, nothing to cling on to, as it will not save dear life, it won’t change what’s to come and to pass.

It were anger, there was also the silent cries and shouts from the loneliness, the betrayal, the broken faith, broken resolve, the burned out self and oh so much more… But past stays in the past.

There were joy, the dances and hymns for love and greatness, the pledges and promises for greater being, the ones who held hands and gave all the best hugs in the world… But past stays in the past.

Here it is a step, one that’s along with many others in this spiralling tower. The universe beside me, the magic and stars, the faith and the peace, that’s within and around me. It’s how it shall come and pass. “Nothing lasts”

Healing is one that’s for soul, for the body and mind, for the reasons that one must once again find. It takes time, as we all know. It takes courage to face it all and none the less not to fear to walk alone. But it takes the time to process and accept it all.

Laws of one and laws of all. Like being a sand piece on a beach you are too a whole and a part of more. The wanders that make and draw to accomplish it all. The links and strings of fate and magical winds that change the things of late, with more than one, no less than all, with whispers of the miracles to behold.

The path is spiralling upwards along, as feet go with this change and so long is the way of decisions and things that happen and go.

Healing is also the part to it all, to find self, to find path, to make way for what desires to be done. The words and whispers of own self and unknown, with simple peace and conjuring love. And I go, as we all go, towards next adventure, next goal, next chapter, next decade, next miracle and manifestation. Creating, constructing, as well as letting go.

Each day is another step, with all that is past – left in past, with all that we see are besides in the present, with all the dreams in the future to hold. Be brave, be courageous, be sincere and be bold. There’s nothing out there what can chain you or hold. Own self is the one to create bonds that last. Own self is what we face in future and past. There’s nothing besides being present in now, to know how the life will be journeyed, built tall…

The shackles are broken, the dread cast aside. There’s only the self in the body we hide. As steps swirl up top and we follow, no more than the breath of the hollow, will be there to mess with your steps. Keep going, keep walking towards what’s next.

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