Waldeinsamkeit (German): The feeling of solitude, being alone in the woods, and a connectedness to nature.

The makings of the mysteries went unknown for many decades, with close to none even within the light of the day.
It were days since I stumbled across this place. All due to y stubborn nature of trying to get out and get away. Oh how I underestimated myself with this one.
The house was covered in moss and wines, yet something made it seem not that much of an abandoned structure. Like someone lived in here. Although, none were seen.

The night crawled up on me, as the summer nights are.
I felt like this would be the place for me to stay the night. And I walked in, after meddling with the door for a bit. It was meant to be locked, I felt so. But with a bit of fiddle with the lock and pushing the door – I got in.

The old books and dried out flowers in the vase, the dust covering all in sight, even the bed was looking like it’d crumble from slight touch. Though, I wanted to sleep on the bed, but altered to sit at the table. The dust just there.

Small kitchen corner and water that stood in a bucket. Water with moss and greens in it, with all that could grow.

The fatigue held me tight, so I just sat, with my hands in front of me on the table, as a pillow and I fell asleep. Surrounded by all the dust, the dark and the nothingness of nature.

Soft steps, as someone walked in. I heard that through the dream, although too tired to wake up.
The steps walked towards the table, pulled the chair across me, put something on it. I heard a snicker. Then this someone walked to the kitchen, poured the water in something, I guessed the kettle, then put that on fire to boil.

“I know you’re awake. But don’t fear, don’t open eyes until I say so. Not that you’ll be able to either way. You’ll hear all, so don’t worry.” – The voice spoke, as deep and scary as it felt, I could not move. Body like iron was unable to move, nor the eyes – not able to open them, nothing, not even mouth moving.

What is this? I could hear my heart race like mad for a moment there, as adrenalin was kicking in, yet the body was glued heavy to the spot.

“Calmness be upon you.” – The voice spoke. I felt my heart calm down, with beats becoming at pace and more usual to me. How did that thing do that?
“I’m Death, my dear. And unless you wish to die, you don’t wander to see me.” – Voice spoke to me.

“The place you found, well, I use it sometimes, when I travel to these parts to take care of those that are on their way to me. But you’re not really here. Not really there either. You’re not really dead, nor alive. A traveller. How peculiar. I’ve not met one in few centuries.” – Voice spoke, as I heard the cup being filled with some herbs and water. The aroma was unusual, sort of the kind that was of medical herbs, but there was sweetness in air about it. Nothing I could remember.

“You’ll need to pick where you’ll go.” – Voice stated, as the body that went along with it took a seat across me, after moving the bag to the floor.

“Maybe a bit of a maverick, are you? Seeker of truth. A rebel. One that likes to find the cause. How nostalgic.” – The death was drinking tea. – “Do you wish to speak to me? I’ll allow you to, but then you’ll also have to see me. And that might make you come closer to face me sooner than later.”

I could not move still.

“Bonds be removed upon you.” – The voice spoke. All the heavy feeling of being iron and ton of weight – lifted. I could move, I could feel like I was in control of body again, so I sat up right, eyes still closed.

“Don’t rush into it. You’ve no clue how it will be for you.” – The voice spoke softly to me, but caution was in the voice.

I opened my eyes first, without saying anything. And I felt myself smiling. The relieve I felt in an instant washed over me, like it took away all that was holding me back, like all the struggles no longer exist.

“Oh, I guess that’s your take?” – The handsome person sat across me. With dark hair, dark eyes that had glints of blue in them, in a tailored outfit that looked like a gentleman, but one that was certainly a rebel. It was a tailored mess, but one you’d see in books about some deadly mafia guys, one that’s the beauty and deadly beast.
But I knew that it was him I sought for.

“Found you.” – I spoke, as I smiled at him.

For a moment his calm smile changed, as the confusion took over. His face was now slowly filling with fear. He gripped the cup.

“Stop.” – I commanded. He froze. – “Exactly. Exactly, my dear. Over a few centuries old. Indeed.”

His hand trembled a bit, but he kept his face serious, like on the edge, right before a fight. The soldier, a knight that will not succumb to anything until the end.

I ruffled my hair, as I relaxed more into my chair. I smiled at him, nodding softly to myself.
“It took me a while to find you again, my dear darlin. I’d say it took me more than needed. But oh, how I waited for this moment.” – I pulled out my cigarette and lit it up, smoking.

“You know, I was quite frustrated for a moment there, when you stole my power of the guide from me. But now…” – I puffed out smoke. – “I seem to like that I’m not the one to deal with all those souls. Transferring them from plane to plane, the explanations and the whole learning, the learning… Ah…” – I let out.

“Don’t fear me so, my dear, I won’t take the power back, at it’s full. I just need a kiss from you. You know, how the likes of us seal the deal. Release the hold and unfreeze the real.” – I spoke.

His body eased up, as he felt relieved.
“So you don’t want it all back?” – He let out.
“Nop. I rather enjoy how I walk along. Just wanted to seal the deal, before I walk out and go along to where I tend to seek.” – I said back.
He laughed out loud, putting the cup on the table.
“You are as mad as I have met you first, if not more. I’m amazed and amused, my darlin’!” – He spoke through laughter.

“You’ve changed, it seems.” – He continued. – “What made you so, the wandering witch of the soul realm?”
“I’ve found the paths I wish to walk on, not the ones I fend off from.” – I said, smoking my cigarette.
“Oh, you’ve got the taste of the interesting things, I see. Enjoying those much?” – He snickered.
“I actually do. And it seems that my duty fits you more, than it fit me through all those years.” – I let out.
“And you still don’t wish to die.” – He said.
“And I have the knowledge that it does not go that way, no matter how we try. It’s just as before. Rebirth, relocation, lessons of realms and endlessly more.” – I got up and flung the cigarette into the fire.
“Alright. A kiss from a reaper and we’re yet to give new life a try.” – He got up and walked towards me, placing his palm on my cheek.

“Let it be, as it may have lead it to be.” – I spoke.
He kissed me, as softly and fondly as it were the first time for me. It was the same bond and the same tone inside that resounded in me.
“I’ll see you when I’ll see.” – He spoke to me.

The darkness took me by and sleep consumed me.
I woke up on the dusty bed, as I were. No sight of him, or the dream that were.
“Are we really meant to meet once in a few centuries?” – I let out into the empty, with a sour smile and a tear that dries away.
We were meant to be apart, but not away. The never ending tale of how to try and reach you by.