Seeking for magic is a calling.
It’s the perk of being every day magician.
It’s the making someone happy by leaving a book on a bench, or randomly complimenting a stranger for their hat, maybe even smiling at someone, or sharing a bar of candy randomly, maybe just handing them a card with warm words and that’s all – everyday magic.
Most of the magic also comes from the friends and like minded magicians that surround you, that share the warm and fuzzy magic with you, as you share it with them. And so that grows, expands and becomes greater.
Supporting those beside you, protecting ones behind you, being the teacher, the student, the maverick, explorer, pathfinder, follower… And that’s all you.
Maybe, just maybe not all is doom and gloom, as we’re met with that daily. But there’s the light and simple everyday magic that shows up, that helps, that nurtures.

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