“.patio.” [.rhymed story/poetry]

The rain and summer air in lungs
The weather heartfelt love that tugs
And silence, peace, serenity
There’s only you, there’s only me

With home beside, on the patio, under roof that sticks out
You sit beside, having wine, trying to make no sound
And it’s absolutely funny to me in a way
Just silly thought that here – is where you decided to stay

The moment of little things tend to whisper
The things that can be greatly felt with the heart
I know the path for both is to prosper
I know we’ll be together apart

The hand of yours is over my shoulder
And you pull me in to lean on you
I smile and allow to be lead by someone younger
I know it’s just that little true

With what we’ve seen in weeks being here
The development and change washed over
You’ve grown to be more and more fair
It’s really hard to cover

You’ve made me decide to stay a bit further from you
I’ve been on your case kind of longer
I did not anticipate what my emotions would do
But it seems that made you stronger

I believe in this moment with rain and the quiet
Your inner self mulls over, brewing riot
You’ve just made some discovery, made some decisions
And with new found self it made some collisions

I’ll try my best to remember your warmth
With the way your nose would touch mine
I know to you that’s not of much worth
But that sure grew to support my old spine

I take bottle from you, and I do drink a bit
Then lean back and watch up to sky
It’s been a long while and bit
For me to indulge in a cry

The heart felt like so and my whole self accepted
That changes do come and we sure are protected
Paths taken do last, or do change, or do split
I might just be there, or not not be part of it

Sincere is demeanour that airs out from you
I’m thankful to be there in life, well, with you
To meet you for bit and release you to go
There’s things you’ll accomplish, that much I do know.

Photo from : https://depositphotos.com/143534217/stock-video-rain-on-the-lake.html

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