“.with.” [rhymed story.]

Dear oh dear…
How long has it been since the last time we’ve shared a heart-to-heart?
Don’t worry, don’t have fear, there’s no one to keep us apart.

There’s been quite the thing with you lately, my dear…
I’ve noticed that smile and those glitters of of gold, in the eyes that’s so clear
You’ve found yourself something to play with, that’s not even funny, I’d say much to that
But seeing pursue and the way of regard, I’m stunned to your glee with no fear

The spring might have played you, as it does to so many
With jitters in heartstrings and dreaming, that’s really
The typical one way of rainbow lit static
You are quite the child of that golden-filled magic

The words and the influence, art and the youth
The pulsating, pushing and nailing pursue
It’s really blooming in ways one can’t answer
Those wines and old bullies are friends of a mansur

There, there, that amazing high reach is yet more so to teach,
Those who slowly, but surely had climbed up to pitch
Own fine works of new art and expressions
You love words that come, when in rooms there’s those mentions

The weakness for warmth and the yearning for victory
Success is the form that you take contradictory
To those who have tried to belittle your feat
It’s no longer that, you’re not fool for that trick

The drive that’s been holding your dearest self up
Is something that now fills to brim all that heart
It’s what I’m inspired by from day to next day
It’s more one can handle, if one might just say

The chirp and the breeze of the new found collection
Of words and of greatness with no shade deception
It’s barely the things that can stand to the sun
It’s what you’ve had always, it’s what you’ve become

I’m thankful for you to be there, beside me,
I’m grateful for you to be able to bite me
To push me, to pull me, to take me by hand
To make me just smile and stop my pretend

I’m thankful for reason, for nagging, for silence,
For outbursts and kisses and hefty felt violence,
For love and protection, for sweetest of hugs
For best of the days and those stolen by thugs

I’m truly just thankful for you being me…
I’m thankful as far as one human could see,
From top of the mountain and further to space
I’m thankful that with you I found the best place.

photo by : https://www.instagram.com/opheliesz/

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