Dear oh dear…

Sensing you getting dressed and storming out like that… Then watching you storm down the street and on, towards your home.

It seems funny, now, childish even. And there might be my fault, but boy, in these things – two play tango.

I only have a question “What had clicked in your head that you ran?”. Besides that – we’re meant to be adults here, are we not?

The drinks and the evening seemed quite decent, by the “chill” standards. Chats about all and nothing. And being quite silly, then the moment when you go into devouring the drinks like there’s no tomorrow. And I did see how you seemed to crave more.
But no, the idea was to casually chill.

And then? Being cute and then the hugs… Then the bed and “Ok, sleep” time. Which kinda got out of hand. With your gentle, not so much, nudge.
And what? Kisses?
I do admit that kisses are good, but your eagerness to go down on me… Kind of the “boy, be gentle there!” and it was hot, honestly.
But as I pulled you to kiss, you kinda had ideas.
And then you undid your belt. And things kinda propelled from there.
With whole honesty – it was nice. Really. And I did not get why you were so about not having sense for this/that, when you did. And the sizes… You’ve got a thing, that does the charm very well.
But yeah, being drunk affects things.
And even after – with you walking in my flat naked… Admirable and sexy. Thanks for the view.

I did enjoy it. But it did feel at some point like it got pressured… Like I made you, when not. When it’s… Not even complicated.
Feelings, although, become complicated.

But right now, in this moment, after the bath, where I felt that flash to the moment of me and… And the touch. Yeah, I know that it’s that one person I’ve still to meet.

But you… How you said you’d hope to remember… And admitting that you do remember quite a lot, genuinely, that’s the… That’s the moment which I did suspect, as I’ve contemplated over your answers in messages.

I did notice it. So, yeah, intuition is a powerful tool.

Seems like there should be a lesson:
“Don’t taunt people who want to devour you.”

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