It was quite intense, with no sense… or some sense…
And I was a guest, and you were the host
Then something was messed and craving’s utmost
With us under covers, pretending to sleep
Your hands roaming over, unable to keep
I rustle your hair, making silly remark
And you have no care, you just went with that spark
Those hands wandered softly and fondles with care
Until the damn phone was darn ringing out there
I’ve jumped, so did you, felt like snapped out from dreaming
Pretending to view and reply to that feeling
We both sort of oddly began our chat
You do have a girlfriend, I minded at that
And you’ve just kept smiling, you knew that it all
Would be more than dining, if all, after all
But have to admit that we both seemed to matter,
In moment when kissed and then more to that matter
And both felt frustrated about such a thing
It’s pulled us together, like that, for a fling…
And maybe then sometime you’d really agree
To spend maybe hour, or full night with me
But knowing your drives and desires, you see,
You’d go and continue on that crave and need

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