It’s as much odd as it is amusing
The things that I see are confusing
Yet senses retained of that moment

The tough and the feel of your presence
The way you kept talking to me
It’s like together in essence
You’re there, together to be

You’re dark hair that’s messy and jumbled
As you hide your bad hair day with hat
And from start, truth be told, I was troubled
But heart was then melted from that

The joke fell on me, when I silly
Let out the word play that came there
And as me and my friends had giggled
I’ve admitted that connection to me

When I felt like there are none waiting
You stood there, with your dark grey coat
You’ve smiled upon seeing me be there
And you’ve walked before even you’re told

And then it’s the “oh shit” of moment
When heart keeps on pounding in ears
You walk over hug me and whisper
In bed I’ll make you shed some tears

And speechless I’m happy, embarassed
Your cheeky demeanour is grande
But then you make those silly moments
That go and melt more of my heart

From being the dominant partner
To being the caring dear you
With managing of my heart squealing
You’ve truly had pulled me to you

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