“Captured in my Kodak shot” 12.2020

It was the age when we all were trying to create memories.
The matter would be that it was all in the film, or paper, or written form. From dried flowers in the books, to longing of the taste of the chocolate from long ago.
So that day we were out on the school trip and all with old Kodak cameras, that can only make 32-34 amazing pictures – we set out to make best shots, more memories and all that – to keep it in memory for longer.
Down the roads in the city we had free time to explore, me and my two friends were rummaging for the spots we saw in a guide that looked best – we had to capture that sight.
And once we found that park, with a trees and the flowers, the spring growing, the laughing and river flowing.
“Come on, let’s get down to the side of the river and photograph the landscape.” – Mimi asked and pushed us along, so we tagged on.
There were stairs on a side – so we managed to get down.
As Mini and Tim were sorting out the best angles of the shot, I sneaked back up, as I felt that something pulled me.
And once up again, I watched the river flow.
Turned around to check what else I might have missed and there she was. Without another thought I pulled up viewfinder and she was straight in the shot.
That photo still is in my album.
Unknown milady, with beautiful longing look. Maybe she waited for a friend, maybe she was lost in thought – but I was mesmerised by the moment and her perfect look in the shot.
I still have no idea who she was, or how her life went on, but she was absolutely magical – in that moment long ago. Forever captured in my Kodak shot from twenty years ago.

art by – https://www.instagram.com/p/CHzHG_Oh3_I/

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