“Muse from the bar ‘Paper thin’ ” 12.2020

She was the usual in the bar. I absolutely enjoyed her presence each time. She had this absolutely sexy vibe about her, yet she’s the kind that knows a lot about a lot, has confidence and can put down any cat-caller that’d dare whistle at her.
Without a doubt – she was my inspiration.

“I’m absolutely exhausted. Trying to find that one man for oneself is absolutely impossible.” – I say, as my cider is put in a glass in front of me. Barman here is a great gentleman.
She sits few seats away from me.
“Honey,” – She lets out, as she fiddles with an olive in her cocktail. – “Man should not be sought for. They seem to be quite the trouble bearers.”
“Oh..?” – I let out, as I look at her.
She raises brow, as she catches my glance.
“Yes, they do create the mess, which we, fine ladies, must then put to peace. As they chaotically plow through existence.” – Her simple way of putting it and absolute charm – just swayed me in a way nobody can.
“Sweetie, no man deserves a woman as great as you. All women are great. They sometimes forget that. But that’s the truth. And those barbarians… Oh my, they come in sweeping you off your feet for a fun time and then the next morning – whoosh, and he’s gone.” – She continued, then finished her drink. – “Hun, you focus on you. They come and go. Someday you’ll meet, soulmate you’re searching for. Life is full of surprises.”

Long ago – I came to bar to see this great woman speak about life. She was graceful, beautiful and had a gorgeous smile. I adored that time. I still love all memories I have of her. She’s still my inspiration.
I still don’t know why I never asked for her name. But to me she’s forever muse from the bar “Paper thin”.

Art by – https://www.instagram.com/p/CJQ6WlThYN6/

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