[26] “Hide” prompt Inktober2020

Each day in school feels like endless circus. From teachers barking at unruly students, to the lesson screw-ups, to laughing jerks and more.
Girl cliques and jocks, stylish people and fun lot. But hey, you won’t really find me in any social circle that’s out there, with the rest of lively lot.

The days, or breaks to be more honest, as well as past school time – I spend in library. The latest addiction to books and stories just make my world so much better.
I enjoy the love in stories by Murakami, or the jitters that come from Jane Austen, sometimes even Wei Hui that’s on the modern literary section.
The comic books and manga also come my way to enjoy stories day-to-day.

With the most unruly episode in life – as I was reading, just hidden at the end of library, where the silence is the holy grail – there he comes shaking world.
Henry Watford. So handsome, so smart… With his eyes buried in books. Anything from psychology to sciences I never really took to look in. And there he is – reading, whilst looking like an angel.

Yes, that’s right. I got a crush. How silly. But none the less – I was there in my books. Then I discovered this story, with main character that’s just so… So…
You know what I mean.
And I could eventually see – one day, some sunny day. I heard Henry rehearsing a play. At the empty reading section of the library.

“I see. I know what you are. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” – He read line from that book. THAT BOOK DAMMIT! And you know what’s worst of all – he sounded exactly as I pictured the character would say it.
I’m doomed.

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