“Coffee, love, hand” [poetic]

Yeah, we go for a walk
Finding new coffee stop
And so in then we pop
Just a second to talk

Then the coffee in cup
And the foot that you tap
And the fingers on lap
With your hand on my bad

As you look out the window
As I look on at you
I can really though see now
How I’m in love with you

It’s the little things piling
It’s the small careful things
From how special, refining
Is to deal with your whims

It’s about how you show it
Your affection for me
It’s about how we know it
To hang out, when we’re free

It’s the breakfast in mornings
It’s the kisses at night
It’s the subtle lewd whisper
As you’re standing behind

And the way you make time
And the way you hug tight
Walks outside, holding right,
Being really beside

You just smile on and look,
And you lean in to sway
“If you want me to kiss,
You just know – you could say.”

What a cheeky approach
That you make every time
I cannot stop my watch
I cannot hang my line

Then I lean into ear
And I whisper, close, near,
“Just so that we both know,
I’ll have trouble stopping there.”

Then you smile, let out laugh
And if that weren’t enough
Your hand touches my cheek
And inside I’m so meek

“I shall seek to the pleasure,
My dear empress with no measure
I’ll take up this great task,
To come, please you, as must.”

I close eyes, I press lips, and I give him a look
“That’s so cheeky, you know, with the charm and the hook.
Now I’m eager to feel definition of dishevelled
Once you manage to get in position held”

“Look who’s cheeky now”
He lets out, as he gulps down the cup
“Ready, love?”, pulls my hand
As we go, to withstand

Something we both create
From the passion and state
That’s been known as of late
As the fortunate love


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