“Music bounces off the walls…”

The music bounces off the walls,

Toward the depths of the halls,

To the backs of alley doors,

To lonely bitter souls that hide behind the walls.


Are you sure it’s your call?

More like ring for sad polls.

Votes for the maggots taking stralls

To the endless list of “please-no-mores”


Are you here to pray?

Saying what is there for soul to lay

All you goddamn liars

Trying to show their “righteous flare”


The music keeps on playing,

Bouncing off the walls –

Leaving traces of the saying

That burned in hearts of lustful souls


Why’d you ask them empty questions?

Would you like to hear reply?

You just know how stupid later

Sound the silent shout with cry


The ripples of the music burn the walls inside –

Steps of blood stained cardinal sees the shade of light

Words of melody creep up from behind –

The saint becomes the tainted sinners hide


Disorder is the cause of this delight

With dead rising up to fight

Silence breaking up the might

That once was held by the Father of Might


Crumble – pieces falling off

So humble – as a way to show off

Unintentional rumble – to become “one of”

And endless gamble – to see where the end’s “off”


Melody bounces off the walls –

Crushing the madness of resistance

Seeing who’ll turn to moss

And who’ll fight with that instance.



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