Long time ago, I have been looking at things around me. Things that surrounded me.

Great nature, fresh air, shabby architecture, old train stations, half-broken theaters, but it all gave feeling that I’m home.

People on the other hand were not as satisfying in their perks. Some, due to being blood related were being honest and nice, caring even, but others obscurely ignored existence of “me”.
Known friends and familiar people – just few felt close to me. Others insanely far away.

These feelings of people far away pushed me further from them. Soon I couldn’t understand them, their worries and topics of conversations. All so far-far away. That made me think that land itself began pushing me away – like I was not meant to be here any longer.

Absolutely not part of this place.


Soul was dashing from one corner to the other – in search of place to belong. Then it discovered some magical Far Off Land. Where people seemed to be like what soul has expected.

The land with morals, aspirations and willpower that absolutely depicted the image of the place that suited me.
With head in clouds, eager to learn more, swimming through information that is about that land, just made poor soul more eager to go there.

Years later, with body being in another land, that is not the land dreamed about, still with burning wish to be “there” – in Far Off Land.

Bit by bit, stepping closer to be there.

Dreams slowly become reality.

May we dance to the glory of souls dreams that lead to greatness.