I enjoy photography, studied it in West Thames College London, practised it in fashion studio, out on fashion shows, art shoots, just out and around, grabbing moments that I found fascinating, interesting or lonely.
Photography have the means to communicate without words, and that in itself is very powerful.
Once had workshop with Bratt Walker, famous street photographer. He was more than words could say, and within few hours taught tricks of photography, also said that I’m cheeky little ass for trying to snap pics of him in “stealth mode”. But that was fun.
Also had great honor to work with photographers Rabi Gurung, Misha-Yvonne Thomas, Lampbrini Tzanaki, Elizabeth James. Each has endless flow of ideas and marvelous photography creations.

Here are some photo creations of mine. Feel free to check out the link to Flickr account: StannumPro Photography

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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