To write about myself…
Writer of an odd sort, artisan, creator, photographer, model, dreamer…
Making things from Fimo clay, creating small art pieces, reading books, some mangas/webtoons/manhwas and fanfiction [because I can], like mixing tea and drinking coffee, munching sweets and can’t live without cookies, playing MOBA and MMORPG games, as they are awesome.
Tend to listen to people, then happen to sound harsh when replying to them, but caring and logic can be together, just in case you wonder how I end up in the mess.
Favorite colour – green/red, all the pastel colors… but end up wearing much of black.
Cooking is also quite the hobby, as it’s enjoyable to see that people like what is made, says it’s tasty!
Yes, I am married, even though so young, but when you find the perfect other half – you grab that person and just say “Will you marry me?”, then do the vows and stay together, just like it happened with me.
Enjoy life, little bits, dream, seek for answers and fulfill needs, go forward, help others, eat well and stay healthy.
[And yes, I know I sound like grandmother at times when I worry about people. Just happened to go through hell and back, then brush sh*t off and keep on going, worrying about few along the way, for not wishing for them to go through same hardships and pain.]

Check out my book “Parallels” – on amazon.co.uk (add free on kindle) and INKITT website (read online) 

Also you can find me here :
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