So, after a bit of push and pull – signed myself with Meganovel!
And now Parallels is out there on the plains of the Web novel world!
Just look at this pretty:

I was not sure about how’s and what’s, but the non-exclusive contract seemed a good deal and I went for it.
Still awaiting on Webnovel platform to get things going there as well.
So, for those who are ready to get on board and have a read, here is the link to the Meganovel page of Parallels I –

As I have began the new Arc as well – must admit that having to be the one to crack open some dark things is quite fun, really)
The new arc is : Parallels II – Broken Writer Arc
Here is more information on few topics that get the senses tingling – like:
How did Adrian got so obsessed?
How did others get through their Labyrinths?
What is all that great War about in the fantasy realm?
And more other things that are unveiled…

So, looking forward to new Arc as much as me?