The sounds that play are similar to this…

The night is upon us, the world covered with veil of sleep.
As usual, the Keeper and the Witch find their way into the tower of the Time to check on the ways world has made new changes.
“It’s been a little more than last time.” – Keeper speaks up.
“They’ve been making progress, what else would you expect?” – Witch replied.
“Yeah, but…” – Keeper pointed out to the vision. – “The time is closing in.”
“Uhum, that’s true. They’re close to the ways the things are about to be trampled, crumbling down and changed again.” – Witch adjusted the hat.
“I’m not sure how they’ll manage.” – Keeper let out a sigh.
“That’s not up to you to deal with, you know that. Just keep the record going and set the new timer. All is well.” – Witch paced about.
“It’s not so easy to watch another set of change this big.” – Keeper remarked. – “They are spiralling up, hopefully.”
“If you keep huffing and puffing, that won’t add up to anything no matter how much you try. Unless you’re about to throw that veil off and run down to show the might of magical Keepers. But you’re not to do so, you know it.” – Witch lazily paced around the tower.
“It’s not that…” – Keeper caught self in the sentence. – “It’s not that I want to. I wish, but I can’t. That’s the promise of keepers.”
“That’s right. Just keep the ball rolling. You’ll have plenty to get on with and to share up. Just do as you did. Throw a bone now and again with the nibbles of wisdom to those who can perceive it.” – Witch let out. – “Although, not many can… And those who are able to – mainly seem to be deemed the mad ones. Quite the pickle.”
Keeper shifted the book of light, the record of the happenings, the monumental tome that collects all that was, is and will be.
“Do not look into their future, unless you are ready to jinx it.” – Witch let out.
Keeper glared at the Witch.
“Yes, even if you want to – do not let that curiosity claim you. You might well off make it a whole lot different.” – Witch continued.
“I won’t.” – Keeper let out.
“Exactly. Just keep yourself at bay with that. Even a single flip through that page can lead to some irreversible things. Just let them play it out as is. Some things might change.” – Witch came by the Keeper, placing hand on his. – “Let them handle it, you worry wart.”
Keeper let go of the book, giving a nod.
“The Chamber of the Wise are calling on us. We should go.” – Keeper gave the book one more glance.
Witch pulled the Keeper by the robe to the exit.
“Then we should not keep them waiting.” – Witch let out.

The dark had taken complete cover of the land.
The Witch sat in the tower, looking at all the records. Keeper was deeply asleep by the fire place.
A soft creaking of the door and a tall figure walks in.
“Witch, I have a…” – The figure begins with loud voice.
“Shh!” – Witch cuts the person off. Then points to the sleeping Keeper.
The person walks over silently, sits beside the Witch and quietly talks again.
“I need to you have the works done on the words of the Matter Tome.” – The person says.
“Saint, you know full well that that Tome is not of my thing.” – Witch replies quietly.
“I need your help.” – Saint pauses after each word, as he looks at the Witch.
“You. Should. Have. Said. So.” – Witch lets out with a grimace.
“You know that I…” – Saint tries to correct self.
“I know, you bag of light and stardust.” – Witch squints eyes and grimaces at Saint. – “Needing my help means you’ve got no clue to what’s up in that realm and need one from it to explain it to you.”
Saint puts his hand on the Witches hand.
“I beg of you.” – Saint implies.
Witch looks at sleeping Keeper, then turns back at Saint.
“Let’s make it quick, so I’m back before he wakes up.” – Witch gets up.

The walk from the tower to the Great Library Dome was a bit, but not too much.
“You still look after that Keeper like a hawk.” – Saint lets out.
“Aw, you want me to keep watch after you in same manner?” – Witch jests.
“Actually I do.” – Saint replies.
Witch softly places her hand on his shoulder.
“But I do, silly. You just don’t notice it.” – She lets out.
“Should I try sleeping in the tower with you lot?” – Saint nudges.
“Why don’t you already?” – Witch retorts.
Saint turns to look at the Witch.
“I can?” – He looks puzzled.
“You may. Nobody declined you in that regard. Ever.” – Witch replies.
Saint gives a nod.

High rows of books, tomes and scrolls grace the premises of the Dome. The large structure is overviewed by the spirits that wander around – The Blessed Stars. One of the most beautiful fog-like lights that wander about, but one of the most powerful ones that can wipe out whole place if indeed something went wrong.

Saint led the Witch to his corner, with many tomes stacked around, as the table and the wall are only empty things that don’t take up too much space.
“I uh…” – Saint lets out, as he hugs the Witch from behind. – “I’m tired.”
Witch pats the head of Saint that rests on her shoulder.
“It’s alright. Let me cast a spell on you.” – She softly says.
“You already did.” – Saint lets out, as he kisses the Witches neck. – “Please, don’t ever leave us.” – Saint whispers.
Witch turns around to kiss the Saint on the lips.
“You sure are silly. No way I’m letting the two of you young brats run the show here.” – She smiles.
Saint hugs her, resting in her embrace.
“The gifts bestowed are gifts of hope, abundance, love and joy. With heart that one can see the ploy of world and spirits twined in making. The woven place of loving taking, with blessid’ space of peace, protection… My dear, you’re the light with the graceful reflection. The kind soul and great power that dwells in the bones. May your heart heal, just like your soul. I bestow my protection and blessings upon you. Be at peace, my love, I’ll always be here for you.” – Witch cast her spell, as light fog rose from the ground, then like veil covered the tired Saint, giving him what he fought for and found.
Restful sleep took over the body of Saint, as he laid in his bed, near the piles of Tomes, in the Great Dome.

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