The steps are hurried, as the Persecutor is on the way to the tower.
“Late night call right after I do my dirty thing with… aaargh…” – The heeled boots on the floor don’t make noise, the dress is with the cuts to the sides, as the length almost reaches floor. The garment of the assassin that was deemed the utmost deadly – due to being in resemblance to concubine outfits, revealing, mesmerizing, charming, sexy… But this time Persecutor was not in the mood to talk about the fashion choices. Persecutor was a great woman of honorary level in the world of shadows, with traits that could not be copied by anyone.
The sole person to control, or rather, use Persecutors services was Arbiter. The man with a cunning and cold demeanour, with the looks of a priest, with his typical white long gown, sash, crown atop head… But not this time. Arbiter was standing in the boots, hunting attire of pants and jacket. That in itself was revealing of his royal lineage. He was indeed, the cast out Royal son, the First Prince, though in the world of shadows – the coldest Arbiter of the blue blood.

She brushed her hair back, as she reached him in the tower, as she licked her lips and gave the look of “And?” she rolled her eyes.
“What now? I just got laid, just finished up, just feeling happy and all, and now this. What is it?” – Persecutor was annoyed.
“Ah, I see…” – Arbiter let out, – “So you too have the humane things that you need to have of satisfaction. Hm…”
Arbiter went into a thought, as the eyes looked down, as if mentally noting down something.
“Oh for fucks sake… What is it? Why the heck am I here? What’s going on?” – Persecutor was restless.
“Ah, apologies.” – Arbiter let out, speaking as if in a daze.

Persecutors face changed, she began stepping back, watching Arbiter.
“Well well well… That’s not the Arbiter. Not in least.” – She let out. Her tone becoming cold. – “Who are you?”
Arbiter smiled mischievously at Persecutor.
“Ah, guess I couldn’t pull off the way my brother talks too well.” – Arbiter let out.
“So the Third Prince it is…” – Persecutor pressed lips.
“You’re scary right.” – Arbiter let out. – “I’m here to ask your help.” – Arbiter made a step closer to Persecutor. – “I need you to guide me to the Netherlands.”
“Kid, you’re out of your fucking mind right now.” – Persecutor let out tiredly. – “Go play in another sand box. I’m too damn preoccupied with having some rest.”
Persecutor turned on heels, walking away.
“I know where the Helios is!” – Arbiter shouted out. Persecutor stopped, turned around, walked toward the Arbiter, grabbed the latter by the collar.
“You better not… Do not. Don’t go there. You don’t need it. And unless you understand that and let it go – you won’t walk out of here alive.” – She angrily hissed.
Arbiter only mischievously smiled, nearing her face, landing a kiss on her lips.
“Why not? What’s so damn cursed about it that you don’t want others to find it, hm?” – Arbiter smirked.

Persecutor let go of the Arbiter, laughing.
“You don’t know what you even try there. Helios… Ahahahaha! Helios is not a relic, my dear boy, it’s not an area, it’s not a land mark…” – Persecutor went on.
“It’s a person.” – Arbiter let out.
Persecutor nodded.
“Yes, a person. And one hell of a cunt at that. He’s a She. And She is a menace. She is the beauty and the beast, the blessing and the curse. The one to grant your wishes.” – Persecutor smiled, as she looked Arbiter in the eyes.
“Granted wish is what I seek for.” – Arbiter let out.
“But will you be able to pay her, for that wish, m?” – Persecutor smiled.
“Any gems, magic relics, anything.” – Arbiter let out.
“Your life, darlin’. You pay for your wish with your life. so once the wish is granted – you’re no longer alive. That’s what Helios does. She will grant your wish in a dream world, which you’ll live in, but here… Here you’ll be dead, joining the landfills of dead that came before, with requests of wishes.” – Persecutor smiled. – “Did you knew that all?”
Arbiter was stunned, standing still, thinking of his next move. But he had no idea is it were lies or truth. The sense of making his wish real was too great for him to stop at this.
“But what if..” – Arbiter began.
“No. Someone else wishing for your life – is same as casting both of you in dream land forever.” – Persecutor let out. – “Let go of it, Helios is not what you need for your wish granting. Trust me.”
Persecutor turned around again, walking back to her quarters.

“I… I need the throne.” – Arbiter lets out.
“Have you fallen? You OWN the throne. Unless…” – Persecutor suddenly turned back to look at Arbiter. – “No way. Don’t tell me it’s really happening.”
“Yes. The Dark Angel had come back to life.” – Arbiter replied.
“Shit.” – Persecutor cursed. – “That fucking demon slept for thousands of years in the sealed room. How the hell did he come back from sleeping?” – She turned to Arbiter. – “No way in hell. No way in fucking hell.” – Persecutor began shaking her head. – “No. No. No. No! This can’t be happening!”
Arbiter pulled out the piece of relic from his pocket, unveiling the map, upon pressing the ruby on it. The map showed the real time devastations across the world.
“As you can see…” – Arbiter showed the map to Persecutor. – “The lands are on fire, the menace is spreading and no amount of High Mages are to save the people from what’s coming.”
“He killed Helios… That fucker killed Helios. In the dream. One sole way to get her is inside the dream. That sneaky fucker.” – Persecutor looked up, brushing the hair back. – “So that demon dares to kill my dear wife. What idiot.”

“Well, if the party calls for it.” – Persecutor draws with her index fingers on both her hands, with the cirsles of magical casts in gold showing up. – “Guys, it’s time to get ready for war. The Demon King got the fuck out of his tomb.”

The light made circles of magic beneath Persecutor, then spread in the thin mist, disappearing.
“What was…” – Arbiter asked out of curiosity.
“You might have heard the legend, as a royal son yourself. About the five demons that made dear Dark Angel sleep for eternity, until he awakes… Well…” – The magic circles showed up on the floor, with different colours and the four more figures showed up. – “It was us, my sweet darlin’. And now we have to get back to same damn thing we were up to three thousand years ago – getting that demon son of a bitch imprisoned or killed. Again.”

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