It was often about the magic…
Magick of making, magick of surviving, magick of pulling through, magick of making it happen, magick of prevailing, magick of being seemingly unbreakable, the airs magick of being strong, unshakable, warrior, defender, guardian…
What was passing by – what was unseen behind it all… Was a different kind of thing.
A magick of letting it out, as the cries are muted by the rain. Or the moments of stillness, as the sound of rain patter outside seems to ground you, to erase and cleanse you… Maybe moments of spacing out, as the fears try and cling, but letting go is of the essence, even though anxiety is there, even though you struggle, have burnout, have depression and oh the list goes on…

It was not just making it out, it was more… It was learning along the way. Learning the moments of when one failed, then learning to get back up, accepting the fail or defeat, then regaining strength, searching for new paths and keeping on going.
It was not just magick of looking line one unyielding warrior, it was the magick of accepting and learning, of picking self up after being crushed and defeated, letting it go and moving on.

Along the years there was a lot that tattered on the soul, that ripped the heart to shreds and poured the poison in the blood.
There was so much darkness that pulled down into abyss and misery, playing the card of safety and habit. Though, there was a need to change. And all that change came with a cost. A high cost of shedding old self, old believes, old ego, then accepting the shortcomings and healing, loving as one is, going.
Cycle of death and rebirth of self. On and on.

This cycle seems quite magical hindsight to some, as they see the adventure, the excitement and the good that might be out of it. They are not seeing the pain and regret, the hardships and the torn self, that clung to dreams and hopes of all becoming better.

“The hard life at the start, makes up for the best life in the end” – some had spoken, with a vice versa being in play. It’s not that one must suffer half life to attain the peace and happiness, nor is it that one must suffer later in life if the life had been good for most of it.
It’s the lessons we have to learn, to understand and grow. It’s not easy.

These cycles are spiralling up, with every so often giving another lesson, as one is learned. It is a flowing ongoing thing. It does not have a corner to hide from, nor the place where it stops.
Taking own life away, thinking it might end – nah, just placed again to get that lesson really understood and learned. No thing such as escape – therefore there’s that “learning curve” that all say is there.

It’s not just one or two, but all that come across this. Each learning own lessons that need to be attained. That’s what we’ve come here for.

Whining about it… Sure, let it out. It has to come out once it’s there, but eventually you have to face it and make amends, make changes, do something about it, besides only crying about it. There’s ways to. Always.

This place has more than just the eye can see, there’s things one perceives with the sense that the energy gave. It’s quite unknown, but felt. It’s the intuition and the inner knowledge. It’s the inner guide on the path.

Standing in the place that reminds the cathedral of dreams, we’ve all to pray with inner voice for something. Maybe request something, ask for something, say something… For that to change, for us to gain, attain, let go, release and create. The ones who wander here are ones who found the way.

It’s the place that stands in lands unknown to eyes. But guides with what is felt inside.
This place is one for rest and stop. To regain composure, think about new steps, next steps, ideas, dreams and wishes.

That’s where the levels of the dread come off, with bare soul standing in the face of the magick, that’s all around, that will be there, will listen and will reply.

“It’s quite peaceful.”
“Always were that way.”
“I… The rain is here, but none is seen. Like that moment… Those moments of stillness I had within, over many years.”
“You were making it real.”
“It’s odd, like a dream, not a memory though.”
“It was the craft that came to be sure.”
“I thought things and trusted in others, but that became the little shards of old matters.”
“They were path, as relevant or irrelevant as they seem.”
“There was dream, there was soul that strived for the greatest whim.”
“It’s still there, with years later, miles walked. Thoughts abandoned or stacked.”
“It was lengthy.”
“It was required. Delays were made, but that was that when it mattered. The release caused the bonds to cease. The shackles dropped with summer breeze. It was foreseen for it to be. So let it happen.”
“It should be…”
“It should be more than you can hold. Both hands are overflowing, sure. Just let yourself be guided forward. The things that clung are dead in power. It’s just a moment. Speck in time. You know that call is the divine. Receive the blessings, nurture thee, just hold that dream and let it be.”

“I walked the paths that crossed the others, I walked the paths that let me off. Without a sense of slight direction, somehow I managed letting go. I sensed the change that bore me favours, with rumble of the heavy storm. Colliding with the ones who matter, creating something for someone. It’s true that path I’m on is guided. It’s true we’re yet to craft the dream. But having team that does me wonders, and having life, the one I’ve seen… It’s been a ride, though chapters finished. New one arrived with golden relish, for us not giving in a dime… And once again, we’re set the sails, to rivers wide, to seas that change. There’s nothing better than this chapter – the one that opens up the lock, to greatness, happiness and laughter, abundance, wealth and much to hold.”