Slowly going up the stairs, the whole place is buzzing with people that are practicing their crafts, magic and powers.
Been here a few times and still am sort of like an old disciple that comes back here every so often to check the stats of newbies.
“You’ve been out for a while.” – A fellow oldie shows up.
“Aha, I know.” – I let out.
“Ahaha, you seem quite tired, yet full of energy simultaneously. Been up to things?” – Oldie has a laugh.
“Have been accomplishing tasks, as of lately.” – I sigh.
“Ah, that whole lot. Yeah, guess it does take out a bit. Have you seen the others?” – Oldie goes up the stairs with me, alongside.
“M-m,” – I shake my head, – “not really. Have been sort of preoccupied with self.” – I stop and look outside.
The vast land of endless time in between the sunset and sunrise, the lights are so oddly balanced, enticing. The air is filled with aroma of plants and flowers, that are subtle to the nose. Breeze reaches here, gently. The warmth is around, but fluctuates at times just a bit.
“You know,” – Oldie stands next to me, – “The others have been also this way. Between full of energy and tired. They too have been working on things. And as the new ones come in – it’s a work on hands all the time.”
Soft pat on my shoulder.
“You know, even the heroes of battles, that fought for so long, must also have their time of peace and rest.” – Oldie continues.
“Indeed. Peace and rest.” – I agree, nodding a bit.
The stairs go up above, with plants all around, with newbies flying and practising the magic, the way up looks more light… Whilst, if checked down – it’s a bit more of a jungle path, that’s quite a bit hard to get through. Some parts even look abandoned, as if the wars ravaged even out here.
“Ah… It’s been a while since all that war seemed to lessen. Either that, or I’m just now in state of regaining the powers lost during one of the heaviest battles.” – I let out.
“You did great for protecting others, at own sacrifice. You really did well. Now all you have to focus on is getting that power restored, back, so you can be strong… Stronger. As after depletion is the state of growth. Just let it take it’s time. You’ve done a lot. And that means you have to replenish after that… A lot.” – Oldie holds my hand. – “You do realize that you have been, along the others, the shield, the protector… The others, they had own parts to play. You all are now getting the powers back, from all that endless fight in many planes and places. It’s alright. We have hope. We have new ones taking ranks, ascending, rising. It’s not lost.”
“Yeah, but you know that I’ve…” – I look at Oldie.
“Yeah, I know, you’ve shifted. It’s what it was meant. It’s what it is. Maybe being without the fight is new to you, but it’s way more peaceful here and it’s normal. It’s how it’s meant to be. No more wars. Just growth, just replenishment.”
“I still am quite at odd sense with it… Sometimes I question if it’s really that, that it’s over. Or is there another one brewing up somewhere.” – I say.
“Hmmm..” – Oldie gives it a thought. – “You’ve seen the ghost walkers, right?”
I nod.
“You’ve fought them.” – He keeps going.
I nod.
“Now, here… Here we don’t have that any more. They’re all left on that other plane. We just keep this one as ascended and as high as we can in the magic we hold. Other wars… There’s one that’s within us mainly. Not out there any more. It’s… Maybe. Just maybe at some point some things might come to a twist, but the time is not now. Now the time is to face up own self, heal up, accept and prevail in the own fight of insecurities, fears and doubts.” – Oldie went on.
“So it’s all about self now.” – I say.
“It’s all about self now.” – Oldie smiles. – “If the time comes and we’ll have to face up the heavy things again – I’m sure that all of you will be more than enough to fight it off, to save them all again. Not the first time you did it. And I’m sure that no matter what – you’ll always be able to win. I know.” – Oldie gave me another pat on the back and went off to the newbies, to help that one, who grew plants.
“Indeed, we’re getting to heal. But we’re always remain ready.” – I let out, as I begin going up the stairs again.

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