Take back what went away
That power back will stay
Do keep in mind that trail
The paved damn road won’t ever sway
Don’t fall for hollowed eyes
They just decide that you are food to pry
Don’t let them dim your light
Shine brighter, brighter, Light(!)
It won’t be long until the trial’s over
It won’t be long until they blow the cover
It will not suffice longer, that will fly
You know how that’s not meant
You know the deepest ways
The life is meant to be this way
Just damn remind yourself – don’t fall for same old tricks
With all them cornered, knickers flicked
Bared to the taste of all that karma
They won’t belong to same old path
This time you know it’s over
They all are bloody gone
And even though the way’s with flicker
You know that’s right the one to go
Don’t let the doubts take over
Allow yourself be You

The games they play don’t matter
The name they taint are gone
You know what things still matter
The changed ideas, old is done
They won’t see all this coming
Release what’s been undone
Your head held high with order
Don’t pay shit any mind
The words that matter greatly
Are ones you say yourself
If you decided quickly
You know to brace yourself
The changes will come sweeping
And there’s the storm alas
You’re ready, they’ll be weeping
And that’s the mirrors glass
They didn’t know it’s harder
You knew it all the way
And now as you’ve played harder
You’ll get your dreams to bay
You’ve really worked to gain it
Don’t shy away from fame
You knew the day will come, so
Be you in every way

taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/993606736512061434/