“Whoah, this looks mesmerising!” – I was glued to the art piece of architecture.
“Fangirling, are you?” – You approached to hug me from behind and do the typical picking on me with commentary.
“But, but, but… But this is so beautiful.” – I turn around to give you puppy eyes, as I am trying to convey my jitters and love in regards to my love for art. You giggle at me, as you land a peck on my head.
“I get it. I get it. It is beautiful. Does not stand in comparison to you though.” – You smile, as you hug me tighter.
“Hm, I guess we’re both just that good looking.” – I laugh.

“Shall we go eat ice cream?” – I whine as I am walking in the heat of summer.
“Ice cream? You want ice cream?” – You smile, asking me, in a tone like I’m a kid.
I pout – “Yes ple-ease.”
You let out a lough.
“You have too much ice cream.”
“It’s goddamn hot outside like hells balls. And cold stuff is good.” – I whimper.
“Ice coffee? Iced water?” – You smile at me.
“Ba-a-abe, Ice cream! I want ice cream!” – I’m whining like a kid.
You let out a laugh, as you take my hand, pulling along.

We laugh and you try to run away after making a little awkward joke. I’m running after you, jumping on you, trying to pull you down. Impossible. You are way too easily strong, that I’m like a plushie trying to tackle a mountain.
“Dammit!” – I struggle on your back.
You laugh and dramatically, slowly fall on the grass besides the road.
I give you the look of “Oh really?”, which makes you laugh out loud.

“So, what’s left?”
“Maybe a bit more before we manage to find each other?”
“Promise that you will find me.”
“I will. Don’t worry. I’ll find you. Just do _______ and then finish that ______ . And then it’s just a bit after that. Promise me.”
“Eh, gotta make it WORK(!) and FiNiSh It! Dammit! But yea, I promise.”
That blue sky with small white clouds in the summer heat… Tall buildings, the buzz of city nearby… And your black t-shirt that just makes it hard NOT to look at you. And you sure as heck know you’re handsome. *The AuDaCiTy!* Ehehe…

But as I have promised, I’m working on it. Soon.

taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/597993656774956267/