What do you mean in 13 days, huh? Just like that, huh? You better keep them promises! (By now it’s 12 days)
Though, I too, have to keep mine.

To my defence(!) I am already with my favourite table and chair, so it kind of is like ahhh… Like, “READY! BISHES!”… Even though it’s scary to edit the rest chapters and mortal combat finish it in a week, but, DAMMIT! I’M DOING IT!!!

You watch it! I’m making it and then getting on your case!!

Goddamn it!

See you soon, you handsome person!

Coz, I’m like, in the superpower overlord mode! And I know, you too, are waiting, so I’m working on it!

Ready! Set! GO!

taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/796292777878327970/