Say, you walk in here day after day, with thoughts lingering in your head, giving you all sorts of aftertastes on your tongue.
What was it that was the sweetest thought, memory, feeling, idea, dream even… What was the most bitter one?
Does the feeling of sun or rain affect the ideas that come and go? Does the air and the smell of earth after rain give you news whiffs of dreams?
What was the last thing that made you smile? What made you feel sadness? Anger? Fleeting helplessness?
Have you thought of glowing along, like these vines, clinging to life, like they do to pillars? Have you felt like becoming earth, soil where there are endless crawlers, one that can nurture or take away the crop?

Were the days hard on you? Were they weightless at times? Do burdens cling to you like bugs to leaves, or do you shake them off with winds? As you don’t let anyone meddle with you.
Do you like the feeling of breeze on skin, or the warmth from the greenhouse? Have you wrestled with the demons, or have you made friends with them?

Is the night chill also making you shiver, or are you under layers of blankets, not feeling it? Do the matters of life make you balance out what could or could not be salvaged, or do you let it go, as the river?
Do you walk barefoot or with thick sole boots, as you step on the stone, earth? Do you like the time you spend alone, or do you loathe it?
Have you made your dreams come true, or are you not sure what to do about them? Have you tasted success? Failure?

What makes your thoughts come to a standstill? What makes the silence come to stay? Do the sounds still seep through the cracks, as the world reminds of its presence?
Do you pluck petals to answer to your questions? Maybe cling to pendant, cards or something you repeatedly see? Do you read into it or leave that be?

Is your favourite colour dark or light? Do the shades matter to you or you leave that aside? Do you need the help, or do you stubbornly go along trying your hardest to keep going? Or do you feel the help, the hands and forces in play to pull you, to grow you and make sure you get what heart desires most?

Do you hang flowers on a thread to dry, or you lay them flat in between the pages of books? Do you believe in magic or ceased to let it into you?
Have you laughed whilst running in the rain, or did you cry as the thunder muffled your shouts? Do the days feel like a stretching line, or maybe events make you realize that there’s paths to take and tangled knots to try?

When was the time when the kiss felt right, one that soothes soul and makes the tears dry… or did it make the regrets arise with sadness, as the reality meets the dreams crushed on the floor, stepped and trampled on?

Have you allowed new people in your vicinity, or there’s a proximity of allowed you can give them, protecting yourself? Did you go through the times of seeing blood on your hands, that came out warm and tangible, as you felt like the haze met the eyes and the dreams float to sky untied? Or was that the moment when broken self was trying to make it hurt on the outside, to lessen the damage incurred on the heart? Was the soul after all that intact?

Did you smile at new flowers that bloom in the spring, or you frown knowing buzzing lil’ things are to be? Does the peace come with the sense of unease, or it does let your soul rest like innards of sea, with none there to see the peace that comes to be?

Have you thought of yourself as somebody else? Have you faked it to make it or you went with a burn to the ground and remade what came to be now?
Bet you buried your old self a multiple times, leaving those remnants behind in the history, with a new you every time making steps to create what may come as unrest to the many and as influence, strength, inspiration – to few.

Have you said “I love you” and you meant it with heart, or have you lied to not fall apart? Did you lie to yourself about being “fine”, when the world was in shambles from all that inside? Have you let your self be just free? Just let be you and none else to be…

I’m just asking, you see, I’m just wondering here. I was looking at you and I couldn’t compare the mixed feelings I sensed and I couldn’t remember what exactly makes you such a changing familiar weather.

You’re so much of an alien, yet so much more than that. So outstanding in all, so charming and smart. Yet the dark is there too, with the glistening gold, just reminding that you are a long tale to be told.
Such familiar feeling I’m sensing from you. I met you and I felt like at home, to be true.

Like I wandered the earth in the search of the fable, one that seems to exist, yet one something be made of… The things and the links, and the threads and the kisses… Ones placed by the gods and ones made by the missus. I’m not clearly sure how I managed to rumble, yet I’m willing to know, as I’m here, are you there though?

You are something that comes in the dreams, as reality merges in handful. I have searched on for you, as you too had been meant to. And the day we’ve to meet, as I trace steps on path ways, I am eagerly feeling – there is time when we are this…

We will know. I am sure. That’s why I am just asking – are you truly aware, of the person you’re asking?

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