Do the old letters gather dust to the point of changing colour? Does the dust preserve the paper there?
No matter how long I look at the stacks of piles of old books, note books, letters and papers, it’s not really there.

The cobwebs are all over the place and there are not just ‘layers of dust’, more like ‘endless carpet cover of dust’. The hell did I even forget here?

I breathe out, as I pull out my pipe and have a smoke. The smoke seems to become a cloud that stays in place. Quite the dense air conditions here.
After a bit of squeezing through, pulling the lock and voilà, the old creaky window is opened and gust of air began knocking up the dust storm. Mmm, wonderful.

How long has it been since the last living being came around here? My guess – maybe over ten or so years. With the thickness of dust – maybe more than 17-19 years. It’s a very diligently structured mess.
Thank heavens I have not seen any roaches or anything that might make me think over the decisions of coming here more than twice. Though, the white dead spiders in one corner, hanging from the ceiling do give me creeps.

Not like I can go – ‘well, shall we set fire to this mess?’ and be done with it, nah, I actually have to recover some old bloody books from here. Nop, I’m not the great rescue team for this place, nor the philanthropist that decides to get on with good deeds, nah, I’m just a certain type of a Librarian.

Since I joined the guild, there had been great adventures, madness that’s making the hair on the neck stand for days, the sleepless nights, the anxiety, excitement, the great tides of exhaustion and the paperwork, the survival and so much more… Eventually I sort of understood that my body can no longer get on with the ‘program’, so I found the Librarian position for myself. But due to guild, there’s also the quests for the Librarians of certain levels. And I was sent to the ‘recover and restore’ missions, due to those being the most mad. Why did I even sign up for it…?

So, instead of missions being all nice and relaxing, which in most cases they are, but once in a while I get across the great storm where I have to knock the life out of demons, clear up the summoning, kill the beasts, play damn games with gods and celestials, and all to recover some sort of scrolls, books, letters and any other likewise material.

This time around – the most sad case of all, for as far as one can get. The haunted house on the hillside and the goddamn three books that I have to fetch out of this place.
Not that I’m saddened by the experience, I’m plainly tired.

The mentioned ghosts don’t dare to show up, which makes me question if this is actually haunted house. I was expecting some action, well, that was all about me just getting rid of it prior to starting the whole search of the thing game.

I took out the powder from the pouch, that was held up with chain to my belt, then took a pinch and sprinkled that in my pipe. The glittering effect of the pixie dust is a good thing, this one even has the effect of ‘cleansing’, which I like.
Some smoking of that, with smokes puffed around me, and dust slowly starts to pick itself off, the cobwebs, dirt, the dead bugs and whatnot – slowly getting up in the air and floating to the outside, scattering in the wind into nothingness. Love this damn powder.

“Whoah! It’s first time in years, that it is so clean!” – Excited childish voice came from behind me.
I turn around to see a kid, about meter twenty of height, maybe aged seven or so, old styled clothes, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Absolutely that ghost I expected to see. My earrings have chimed a bit, as he showed up. And those earrings notify of anything that’s not mortal.

“Took you a while to show up. I started to doubt you’d even come say ‘Hi’ to me.” – I let out.
“Ah! You can see me?” – The kid got exhited.
I have a nod, as I inhaled the smoke from the pipe.
“Whoah, lady, smoking is bad for you.” – This kid points out to my long pipe.
“Hmm, what’s your name?” – I ask.
“Keldian!” – He replies happily.
I roll my eyes. Kids, huh? Ehh, what can one do.
“What’s your name, lady?” – He pulls on my cape, as he gets closer.
“It’s Aylea.” – I reply.
“What’s Aylea doing here?” – Keldian comes to watch me smoke closer, I ruffle his hair.
“I’m here to get a few books and then I’ll have to go.” – I reply.
Kid seems to get upset, the house begins to change the colour to a darker one. The wallpapers go from yellow to dark grey.
I giggle.
Kid surprisedly looks at me, the wallpaper turning back to washed out yellow.

“That’s not going to scare me, little one. Should I show you how it’s done?” – I tell him, as he seems to be getting confused ever more by the second.
After playing few tricks on a ghost, by turning surrounding place into a cloud for a few minutes, making it rain glittering dust, with rainbow butterflies going around, Keldian was shouting to stop this, as it scared the heck out of him. Especially after I said that the house will remain like so for eternity. ‘Too girly!! I’m a boy!! Turn it back!!’ – he’d shout. I had a laugh.

“You’re an evil lady.” – Keldian glared at me, as he spoke.
“Ri-ight, I’m so scary that I fart rainbow in existence.” – I laughed at myself, after saying it.
“That’s just so not good for health!” – Keldians sour expression had me laughing out loud greatly.

After I calmed down, I looked at him again, trying to maintain my cool.
“Say, why are you stuck in here?” – I asked.
“Papa told me to stay.” – He looked down.
“And where’s he?” – I let out.
“Papa?” – Keldian looked at me, quite puzzled. – “I uh… He… He… I… uh… uhhh… I can’t remember…”
“And what do you know about books?” – I let out.
“Nobody should touch them.” – He replied with conviction.
“Uhum, did papa tell you that?” – I poke Keldians cheek.
He gave a nod.
“Did he tell you why nobody should touch them?” – I asked.
He shook his head.
“That papa sure is a presumptuous dickhead.” – I let out, as I pinched his cheek.
“Don’t talk like that about papa!” – Keldian replied angrily.
I smiled back.
“It’s not funny.” – Keldian smacked my hand off his head. – “Papa took care of me. He did all he could.”
“And that’s why you’re dead and chilling out here as a ghost, huh?” – I said.
“What?” – Keldian looked puzzled. – “Dead? Ghost?”
“Yeah baby boo, you are a ghost, so that means you’re well off being dead somewhere.” – I let out.
Keldian looks at himself, around him, then touches his cheeks.
“But I’m here. I’m not a ghost!” – He raises his voice at me.
“Sure baby boo, what was the last time you looked in the mirror?” – I asked.
“We don’t have mirrors in this house.” – He let out proudly.
“So you don’t see how horrible the taste in fashion is or that you’ll not see own sad mug daily? Hun, let me show you something…” – I cast spell to activate my backpack, then I summon the full body sized mirror out. – “Go on, take a look.”
Keldian comes over and stands right opposite, but cannot see himself.
“It’s broken.” – He states with certainty as he looks at me.
“But I am reflected though, just like the rest of the room.” – I say blantly.
“You made a spell.” – Keldian let out.
“Oh really?” – I ask sarcastically, as I cast spell – ” May the ones who have perished be shown within frame, may the dead see the light of the day. May the spirit in mirror come alive as it may!”
Thin frame of the mirror dazzled in moon-like shimmer for a moment, then the ghost came out of the mirror – a fine little lady, with fairy wings and greatly sassy nature.
“Oh look at this wench, calling me up in some old ass place, how dare you ruin me with some saggy tit air such as this?” – She began ranting out.
Keldians mouth went agape. He could see self in the mirror, as well as the lady that came out.
“Who’s this little thing? He seems like a dirty rug that the Keeper wipes his chalk board with. Oh I feel how we have fallen.” – The lady keeps on going.
“Uhu, as you always do. Keldian, this is Salena, she’s the spirit of this magical mirror. A high standing fairy at some distant past.” – I let out.
“Why the heck am I introduced to this little ghost boy? What’s his deal?” – Salena crosses her hands on her chest as she needs her answers.
“Ghosty boo does not believe he is ghost, having lack of mirrors in this home added to it. So as you see…” – I look at awfully silent Keldian.
He stands there, watching himself in the mirror, tears rolling down his cheeks. Then he begins bawling, loudly and badly.
“I’m dead! I’m dead! Papa killed me! Papa killed me!!!” – Keldian shouted in pain and sorrow.
I walked over to hug him, holding him tightly in my embrace. Salena rolled her eyes, then went into the mirror and mirror went back into my pack via magic.
I held Keldian, letting him cry it all out, until he calmed down. I wiped the tears from his face, the snot was removed with a tissue.
“I’m dead.” – He said tiredly.
“Uhum.” – I let out.
“But if I’m a ghost, shouldn’t I be invisible and… I couldn’t touch anything, you are the first to… How?” – He looked at me, sniffling.
I smiled and winked at him.
“Coz I am that horrid witch, my sweety boo.” – I pecked him on the forehead.
“I don’t get it…” – Keldian looked exhausted.
He told me the story of how he was killed and where his body is. The gruesome details of abuse were quite unsettling. But that was more than 50 years back, in his mind, which is more than 250 years later in here. Some mages came around to try to get books from here, but failed. Last attempt was more than 150 years ago.
As I pieced it all together – Keldian is the son of the dark practitioner, who practised the art of death. So the premises surrounding the house, full fields of such, are filled with endless dead bodies of humans, animals and many other beings. All for the rituals to prolong life and to succeed the hellish realm. How dumb of that man. Poor kid.

“Keldian, want to go along with me?” – I asked him, as I pet his back, whilst he hugged me.
“Can I do that?” – He asked.
“Yup. Wanna be my apprentice?” – I smiled at him.
He tiredly smiled and gave a nod.
“Ok then, it’s settled. Now let’s get the books, then get you and go off to the guild house, we need you cleaned up and fed well.” – I let out.
“But ghosts don’t eat.” – Keldian said, looking confused.
“Who said you’ll remain ghost?” – I played dumb.
Keldian had his eyebrows knit.

One spell later – the books were retrieved, the other books were taken and sealed in my library – the magic of teleportation is fantastic.
Then we got out of the house, as I held Keldians hand.
Then next spell over – the house was set on fire, and as the fire burned with seals, magic and spells on it being broken – Keldian breathed all the magic in – the magic that accumulated for many centuries. His body felt heavy, as he fell on his knees, gravity taking hold.
He now was back to being a real body holder. Although not a human, any more, but not a ghost either. This is the new thing that I tricked the wizardry with – a spell to recover the dead. Guess that ‘papa’ of his should be rolling in his grave, knowing that his work went to me, after his death… And I did perfect the whole lot of the ritual. Though, this time round – I would not sacrifice randomly, or kill at will…

I’m an adventurer, I slayed those who threatened the peace, the monsters and beings that killed others with ease. So, Papa, dear Master Hildenan, you just gave me the biggest present of all – the first time fully executed spell that grants your son a new life, and an inside achievement for me – your first student, who you never knew.

“Fluffy! Get out and carry us.” – I summoned a large cat, who was a tamed beast, a great travel option for those who like fast rides.
Me and Keldian got atop of Fluffy and the chained magic to not fall off this beast worked, holding us tight to the kitty cat.
“To the guild, my fluffy baby!” – I rubbed the neck of the large cat.
The ‘meow’ that shook the air and full throttle that launched toward the guild was a no joke. Travelling 680km per hour is a fast ride.

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