“Grey, I get it, but that does not solve the…”
“Those goddamn celestial pricks are at it again and you tell me to calm down. When did I ever?”
Two figures are pacing through the land that exists in the realms beyond celestial gods. Created by latter as heaven for those who were immortal.
“I am fed up with those pricks meddling with the real of humans. They don’t dare to step their foot there, yet chuck the plenty of manure to the mere extent of something to observe for fun. Them…” – Grey was keeping on with rant, as another sitting in the gardens with the beings that were regarded as gods got him greatly agitated.
“Ehh, I know. I know. But all that anger is not going to help in any possible way.” – A friend of Grey’s was trying to smooth out the problem.
“Jade.” – Grey turned to her friend. – “Shall we just…?” – Grey stopped mid-sentence to massage his forehead.
“Again?” – Jade asked. – “This is not helping. Your headaches ain’t helping either. This is not healthy.”
“Being an asshole to extent of crushing beings for fun and observing their struggles is not healthy.” – Grey retorted.

The two walked through the halls of a stone garden. It were once a made place for Grey, one that was resembling his time in the lands on Earth, prior to him being moved here. Also upon the whim of one of celestials.
Jade had a similar place, but it was torn apart, due to Jade slowly gaining more and more popularity here. Jealousy of the celestials is quite a mortal add to them.
“Think about it. If you rush head first into the fight with those beings – you shall be the one to fail and crumble.” – Jade was trying to sort out the issue at hand.
“But at the same time being another bystander to the endless tragedies is quite the same as being accomplice to a murder.” – Grey replied.
“I… I know. It’s not like we’ve got so much grace here that we could just help everyone.” – Jade let out.

Grey stood at the balcony on the top floor. The one man in the hall, below, as a statue, was the replica of a last man who worshipped Grey as a saint. When it was back on the earth. But even then – Grey could not help him when the whole town was massacred by the invasion. The soldiers mowing down people like grass, with blood staining all the land, and it was left like that for a good few years, before anyone dared to set foot in that place again.

“Jade, we both have power, do we not?” – Grey asked, as she kept looking at that man statue below.
Jade leaned on a pillar, looking down on the statue, then back to Grey.
“We don’t have enough to save more than we can handle.” – He replied.
“I’ve heard that one can take the powers of the celestial. If I kill the one that made me, I can absorb his powers and do something.” – Grey kept her eyes on the the statue.
“You’ll go through a rough change, only few made it through the virtuous change surviving it. And even then – they left this plane long ago.” – Jade let out a sigh.
“But there is a chance for us to help.” – Grey looked at her friend.

The night does not look line a typical night in this place. The stars are so close, yet distant enough to create a look of endless diamonds scattered in the sky.
Jade tried to reason with Grey, making her promise to not do anything rash. Yet as the light began rising on the gardens, the idea that was brewed in Greys head came to climax. With the power stolen from celestial that made her, she resided in her palace once more, with pain and suffering from the power that was ripping through, trying to escape, trying to re-birth itself. Yet with few days on – she managed to merge with the celestial power. Her eyes turning from coldest grey to gold.

“How reckless of you to pick a fight like that…” – Jade stood in the hall, as he observed his friend creating something in the glass orbs.
“They won’t be able to get me now.” – She replied.
“I knew that you were endlessly stubborn. But you did make me do something as reckless as you.” – Jade let out.
Grey finally looked up at Jade – his eyes turned silver grey. Unlike his typical emerald green.
“You mean…?” – Grey raised a brow.
Jade gave a nod.
“Guess we both managed to accomplish something undeniably great, although unreasonable.” – Grey smiled.
“And we’re both in trouble.” – Jade let out. – “They are getting forces to deal with us. They despise the idea of having lowly immortals inhibit the powers of gods.”
“Nothing new though.” – Grey muttered under her breath. – “So, here I’ve made an orb that will help us descend to earth.”
“You mean you don’t wanna play hide and seek with army of celestials and wish to go to earth?” – Jade came closer to look at the orb.
Grey scratched her forehead.
“Yeah, that… You see, we’ve always had the barrier that stops us all from going there, right? So this kind of breaks the barrier.” – Grey placed her hand on her forehead and held it there.
“Still headaches?” – Jade asked.
“Aha, now the celestial level kind. Anyway, the barrier will crack for a speck of time, as we don’t want them to try and go after us. And that’s when we make our escape. Preferably holding hands, so that we’re not thrown in different time.” – Grey let out.
“Aw, how cute of you to want to hold my hand.” – Jade remarked.
Grey glared at Jade.

The rumbling of the army was darkening the sky, the premises were turned into dust within seconds. Light filled soldiers crafted by celestials roamed to seek the ones who dared to go against the masters.
Garden was gone, the area dissipated into nothing. There were no traces of them anywhere.

“Ah, so they managed to escape just at the crack of a moment, when the gardens began crumbling. How cute.” – Ana sat at the table with oracle orb in front of her, cards of different types scattered about alongside all sorts of runes.
“Excellence, we have guests requesting your audience.” – A girl opened door enough to say that, without going into the room.
“Granted. May they wait in reception hall.” – Ana replied. The door closed as softly as it opened.
“Rascals. Those rascals came here.” – She smiled, then brushed her forehead with her fingers. – “This headache is indeed celestial kind.”

taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/25684660367389998/