It’s a mess. It’s a goddamn mess of endless words scattered across multiple books, notes, things, filling the rooms, space and ARGH!
“Did I really sign up to keeping the records of the lives?” – Tired and frustrated Pala, the secretary to the Keeper is overlooking the level of disaster.
Keeper, the being that looks like a goddamn kid, is in actuality way older than the universe itself, or maybe around the age of it. It’s still messy. Messy is the word for all that’s here.
Pala came about to be the new secretary to the Keeper, as the last one smacked the heck out of the Keepers Familiar cat, then angrily stomped the heck out from the Eternal Library.
Now looking at the state of disaster – Pala understood why. Familiar, Bun-bun, has a tendency to sleep on the records, books, notes, leaving his fur everywhere. The shedding of this cat is absolutely disastrous. The level of the fur cover around mingling with dust, creating dust bunnies of magic are absolutely maddening. The bunnies are in groups, having their own life about the Library, nibbling on the records made, messing up the books and creating the nests out of the old scrolls.
“Really?” – Pala took a deep breath, as she calculated the amount of hard work and cleaning this place requires.
“Ah! You’re here! Could you help me take this to the 1720’s and this to 33990’s?” – Keeper appeared with large pile, barely fitted on hands.
Pala took up the paper load.
“Thank you! I’m off to record the 20981’s!” – Ran away the Keeper.
“So, besides all this cleaning there’s also the actual work…” – Pala let out.
Bun-bun lazily walked past Pala, following the Keeper.
“I’m sooo brushing that fur out of you, pal.” – Pala let out.

With dust bunnies collected and disposed of, then the cat brushed out and the fur disposed along with bunnies, then the sorting of the library and cleanliness that prevailed – Pala sat drinking tea, admiring the level of the work she accomplished. She thanked her mum and dad for the gift of magic she was bestowed, as the library that has endless levels, floors and the infinity to the building – it does it’s thing of being tiresome to clean, but with right spells – the whole lot is accomplished in matter of hours.
Bun-bun sat still, still in great surprise of the brush being very mad at brushing him out, no matter where he tried to hide, run or do anything. All that excessive fur gone – he was no longer a round fluff-ball, he was a slim gent with brushed out looks. He was not expecting that. He was proud on the whole idea of no secretaries ever in the history able to brush him out. The shock was too great to him.
Keeper was happy with overall looks and changes.
“Haven’t seen this record in over a millennia! How wonderful” – He said, as he looked around, when he got out of his ‘scribe room’.
“Glad it pleases you.” – Pala let out with a smile. – “Anything I can help you with?”
“Bun-bun?!” – Keeper saw his familiar. – “Oh the holiest of crows! You look so much younger with all that puffy coat lessened! Haven’t seen you like that since you came with me! Aw, you silly thing!” – Keeper took his cat in hands. – “I can finally hug you again without bunny popping out of your fur. Aww. It was so long since I last did so.”
Keeper thanked greatly Pala. Bun-bun was quite unhappy with developments, but he could not do his typical behaviour unpunished. The magic was keeping all the way it should be, so no scratching books and records now did a thing. So the cat decided to invest into scheming of how to get back at Pala.

“So, you mean to say you cleaned ALL this?” – Knight of Time came about to check on the Keeper.
“Uhum.” – Pala replied, as she was making the guest some fine tea.
Knight saw the cat.
“Bun-bun! No way!” – Knight was beyond impressed with the way things came to be. – “Pala, don’t you leave. You’re the greatest asset here and seeing this… No way there’s anyone else who’ll manage it all.”
Pala laughed and took the flattery. Keeper appeared with a thick envelope and a small box.
“This to the Queen. I…” – Keeper put down the things next to Knight.
“Old man, have you been out lately? Or you took up the life of secluded celibate monk to the max?” – Knight was looking at the Keeper.
“You’re the only kid to call me that.” – Keeper took a seat next to Knight. – “Even though my looks are way younger than yours.”
“Aha, if you’d age like me, you’d be pile of ash eons back.” – Knight poked the cheek of Keeper.
“Manners, young man!” – Keeper shot back.
“Manners young man!” – Knight parroted the Keeper.
Pala laughed.
“Alright, I’ll be off to the Queens side, after this great time with an old fart such as you.” – Knight let out.
The Knight was by the looks in his 20’s, but he too was old, younger than the Keeper, by few centuries, but way older than most.
“How’s the Healer?” – Keeper asked.
“Oh, Kioli? She’s still as she were. None can beat her in the game of war. She just crushes all opponents like bugs.” – Knight replied.
“She what?!” – Keeper was stunned.
“Yeah. Oo-oh, ri-ight, you haven’t seen how she a-a-ah…” – Knight nodded to himself.
“That frail girl beating people?” – Keeper muttered.
“You mean that grown are woman with muscle built like a tank? Yeah, her.” – Knight calmly said, then sipped his tea theatrically.
Keepers mouth went agape, speechless and stunned.
“Did I not tell you to come out and play with us from time to time, m-m-m?” – Knight smirked.
“The holiest of crows have shown their jokes… How absolutely unexpected.” – Keeper finally said.
Knight laughed out loud, slapping hand on his knee. Pala giggled on a side, as she knew of the stories that Keeper does not really come out much, but to know nothing of the changes to that extent – that was quite surprising.

Keeper held Bun-bun in hands, looking at the door to the outside, standing few steps away from it.
“Practising the idea of going out again?” – Pala came by.
“I’m… I’m not certain this idea is of good to me. But it’s not leaving me be.” – Keeper hugs Bun-bun tighter. – “But I wanna know.”
Pala is observing this prep-work for over a month now. Since the tea time with Knight, Keeper was in unrest most times, having ideas of checking what is out there. But he was in the Library for so long, that the fear of the outside is prevailing at the moment.

“Should I help you?” – Pala came up to undecisive Keeper.
Keeper shook his head, then turned around and walked to his room. Most likely tomorrow he’ll try again.