Nedeline spoke about the moment from when he went away, how council was in unrest for a week, then a month, seeking for him, but finding nothing. The war looming over the Kingdom and the people were anxious at what would happen.
The council got the General Commander of the Army set as a temporary aid to throne to be one in power. He, like most predicted, began war with the neighbouring Kingdom that provoked us.
War lasted for years, depleting the resources and whatever was stored away. Even the sea connections to others got into a great problem due to all what war waged.

Eventually the General Commander was killed in action. The throne once more was empty without anyone to help. That’s when Nedeline got out and decided to take action. She managed to secure the parley and negotiated a temporary peace, with duration of three years. During that time, she was working on rebuilding the Kingdom, helping the survivors and discovered her magical powers.
Once the magic began lashing out, uncontrollably, there was Oracle that came by with the Keepers, helping her stabilize her magic and learn the ways. But there was an incident where one outburst hurt the Oracle greatly, putting that woman on the death bed. With last of what could be done, Oracle transferred the powers to Nedeline, with the pledge of becoming the new Oracle. And she did.

With that in hands, the Kingdoms that were preparing with war and came to take over our Kingdom – faced utter defeat. As the Keepers and Oracle were the ones at forefront of the war. Ending it swiftly, signing the papers of the other Kingdom surrender and merging with our Kingdom.
But there was other side of this – the mountain lands that the other Kingdom had, were not helping the people, thus the poverty was in the lands. War depleting them from food and resources even more. The debts were racked up due to all this war, as well as the lack of resources and more and more problems surfaced.

Nedeline now renamed the kingdom to something new, thus creating the hope that new name will bring new life and prosperity. People were joyous. Then she worked hard to help the lands, as her magic helped make the lands fertile, plants growing and the new possibilities opening. That was enough to help the food shortage to replenish itself, as well as make the lands be able to produce the food enough to export it. Now it’s been few years since the new Kingdom was in operation. She was an Oracle, and she found her belonging as an Oracle, as she has the duties she must fulfil. But the King must be there to rule over the Kingdom. And thus, she wished for her brother to finally step up and help.

Cadeus was speechless. There was so much that happened over this time, that to him at most seemed like two days. And the fact that his step-sister managed such a great feat – was absolutely magical.

“Can I…” – Cadeus was trying to find his words.
“Aha…” – Nedeline nodded.
“Can I ever thank you enough…? After all what impossible work to be done, for all the dreams that I wanted to achieve and you making them possible. How can I ever thank you enough?” – Cadeus was feeling guilt for not being there when his people needed him, when there was war and poverty, destruction and dismay.
“You had your path, brother, I had mine, we both are to fulfil our duties and yours was to learn and take a bit of magic from the eldest of the spirits. You got her blessing. That in itself – shall do great in betterment of our Kingdom. I can no longer step down from this garden, as such is the duty of Oracle. But you must go, you must do right, do better by your people. They wait for you.” – Nedeline spoke.

Her manner of speaking was now indeed very mature, so much different from what Cadeus had remembered. Another person entirely.
He gave his sister a nod. She hugged him.
“Don’t worry, if you need me – you’ll always find me here. I’ll always be here for you.” – Nedeline then let him go. – “Now, you’re to go back now, and then -there’s a lot new to learn, do and make. You’ll be fine.” – Nedeline spoke.

Old man showed up and gestured to accompany Cadeus. He walked, feeling strangely guilty and strangely light. With burdens off his shoulders, but those fell on others. He felt like it’s his fault.

“Don’t blame self. Now get a grip on yourself and get ready to face the new day. You need all your strength to keep going. She gave you a good start.” – Old man said.

The path that lead through set of old gates, one after the other, they walked through them. Before the last gate – old man stopped.
“From here on – it’ll be you.” – Old man said.
“Thank you.” – Cadeus let out.
“Oh, She did well to teach you manners, she did well.” – Babbled old man, as Cadeus stepped through he last gate and the doors of gate were closing.

Outside there were two horses and a man, awaiting Cadeus.
“Your Majesty!” – Man called out, ran to Cadeus and hugged him. – “I’ve missed you so much!!!”
Cadeus was not sure who it was.
“Medden! It’s Medden, Your Majesty!” – Rambled on this man, who looked a bit older than Cadeus.
“Medden?” – Cadeus looked in surprise.
That was a kid who admired and ran after Cadeus, it was his cousin, a frail looking sickly kid that always feared almost all. He even hid when the ghost stories were told and shouted for all to stop telling stories. A cute little kid… Now taller than Cadeus and way more grown physically – reminding a bear.
“Holly Spirit of… Medden, is this really you?” – Cadeus held Medden by shoulders.
“Ah, I’ve waited for so lo-ong!” – Medden began crying, hugging strongly Cadeus.

The road to the castle was not too lengthy, the situation, just like Nedeline said – improved. The land felt more alive than ever, growing, breathing, fields of whey were beautiful, sun shining and the land basking in the light.

It was indeed different from the moon filled planes of the Oracle castle. So much different. It felt so good to have the sun warming the skin. Cadeus looked at his hands in the light of day – healed. Surely he was as handsome as he were prior to the curse. Now what’s left is to keep the Kingdom better…

“Ah, forgot to ask, how did my sister rename the Kingdom?” – Cadeus looked at Medden.
“Oh, she didn’t tell you? Ahaha, that’s so much in her character.” – Medden laughed.
“So what is it?” – Cadeus slapped Medden on the shoulder.

“Mångata. Kingdom of Mångata.” – Medden said with a smile.

Cadeus let out a sigh. That’s so much what Oracle would do, unlike his sister.

“Mångata Kingdom, huh? Guess that lot is to protect us then. Both Nedeline and Xian Li.” – Cadeus let out.
“What? Who’s Xian Li?” – Medden turned to Cadeus.
“Oh, that’s a good scary story I’ll tell you in all detail.” – Cadeus laughed.
“Nooo! You know I hate spooky stroies! Keep that to self! No-no-no! No spooky stories!” – Medden protested.