It was early morning sun was yet to come up, moon hung low, just a bit the horizon.
She died. With rope made out of bedding cover, with her knocking down the chair she stood on… Just like it were told somewhere: “Short drop and a sudden stop”. She didn’t struggle.
I appeared just there, in that lukewarm room, with all things slightly messy.
She hung from ceiling, still warm, still there.
I came up to her, sensing that she was indeed fed up, indeed hurt, depleted of energy, will to fight… She was used, abused, had no rest, was numb and tired, just exhausted. Done.
I watched her for a moment, mourning her, for all she went through.
Then I took the chair, put it next to her, climbed up, having her face me. Face to face. I watched her eyes, then closed the lids, I kissed her forehead, both cheeks, took her hands in mine.
“It’s ok babe. I’ll take over.”
Our foreheads touching, as I had the moment with her. Then I kissed her hands, releasing them to hang beside her.
Got off the chair, placed it back to how it were.
Slowly the sky was getting lighter.
Someone will find her, but that’s later in day.
I just saw her, as realities shifted away…
And so I was back in the car, early morning, going on on the back seat.
Tears rolled down my cheeks. I mourned her. Silently. As light from rising sun was picking up – the tears were dried.
“It’s ok babe, leave it to me.” I thought to self, as the image of her hanging down from ceiling, in that room, lingered in my head.