excerpt from ‘Parallels’ book 2 “Killian”

‘That’s not what we agreed upon!’
‘Twas your screw up, not mine. Now better take what’s left and go.’
‘But that’s!”
‘That’s none of your business any more. You’ve done enough.’

‘I’ve still got..’

‘YOU!’ – the raised voice reverberated through the room – ‘You better not make any more mess of all this!’
He approached his student.

‘You better not make a fool of yourself and get this straight – you’ve managed to kill a dozen. Kill, dammit! And you now are either facing the gallows, the death sentence or you flee. I made your choice for you. The car is waiting.’

‘Shut it Killian! You’re no longer the one answering for your own mistakes. I am. I was and shall be. I was the one to teach you all this mess and I’ll be the one facing the consequences. You better take my last bit of respect for you and go.’

The silence in the car was devastating, heavy.


‘Keep your pipehole shut. You’ve done enough. I don’t like you and this is the last time I’ll help. You do know he’ll die. What a piece of…’ – Emmet pushed the gas pedal.

In the dark of night the car arrived at the log cabin in the woods, hundreds of kilometres from the city. The safe place where most had kept under radar, where the hiding was commenced during the high tides.

Killian got out and took his bag from the trunk.

The driver’s window rolled down.

‘Don’t waste any more time on that shit. You better not waste any of their time either.’ – Emmet threw, as he drove off.

Killian had let a deep breath out.

He knew full well that what he did got a lot of trouble for many of their people, that the next step would result in a more catastrophic event. He felt the burden and the need to save them, to take responsibility, yet he knew – he’s meant to live. That would be the will of his teacher.

29 years later

‘Hey, have you still got my favourite gin?’ – Her voice was filled with her typical sarcasm.

Killian looked towards the door, from his bar.
‘As usual, darling, as usual. It never left.’

‘I need your council.’

‘I’m sure you do.’ – Killian replied, as he made gin tonic.

She sat at the bar. The empty place was quiet and relaxing. She let out a sigh.

‘So what’s troubling you, Niko?’ – Killian placed a glass next to her.

She twisted her neck, as it cracked and looked him in the eyes after.

‘I will have to kill Adrian.’

Killian smiled.

‘Oh, that lovers quarrel?’

‘No,’ – Niko took her gin, – ‘He’s close to things he shouldn’t be and that’ll ruin it all.’

‘Or maybe that’s the reason…’ – Killian tapped the bar top a few times. – ‘You showing up here like this – that sure is a sign of something eerie.’

‘You know that I…’

‘I know that you can alter places and shift lanes. But this… How do I put it – first time seeing it was a lot to take in. That fear and disbelief. Now… Now I guess it all is into so much shit, that you have to come all the way from the first parallel, another time and dimension to speak with me. Missed my counsel, I presume.’

She downed the gin in one go.

‘I’m ready for war to come.’

‘Like you should be.’

‘And I know how far he’ll go.’

‘To the depths of petty dissonance.’

‘And I know I’ll lose you all.’

‘Well that’s a bummer.’

‘Killian, I missed you a lot. And having you here is a safe haven for me. But it’s about to be gone.’ – She looked him in the eyes. – ‘Gone so far that only faint memories will remain. And here I felt you’re part of me and my life.’

‘Hun, you’ve always, and I mean always said some heavy stuff. So much so it weirded me out more and more by days, but eventually I got used to it.’

‘No, Killian – this time it’s me or him. And I’m not faltering in my actions, I won’t back down or kneel for Adrians plan.’

‘So, all out war then?’

She gave a nod.

Killian fixed himself a drink, made another gin tonic for his guest and took a seat next to her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

‘I knew that it’d come to something like this. How long have we got?’

‘In this reality – about a few days, really. Others had been destroyed. He decided to find my location for good this time over. And it’s not pretty.’

‘So, I only have so much to drink and shag my days into oblivion, huh?’

She shook head.

‘Will the other you show up soon?’

‘She’ll come tomorrow, or day after. She got in not so long ago. There’s still Hikaru that’s making his way to her. It’s a mess. The system’s overloaded with the madness that Adrian had begun and I’ll no longer exist after tomorrow. Hikaru is making sure she’ll remember it all, so I’m no longer a fragment of what she is. We’ll unite, but she’ll have no recollection of what I accumulated. Unless…’

‘Unless your dear highness gives me orders on how to survive this whole mess to trigger the memories.’


‘Niko, you sure have a bad tendency to ruin peaceful days.’ – Killian gave a sigh and looked at the ceiling. – ‘You, just like him, want me alive for something. How egotistical.’

‘I know. I know, yet I need you.’

‘Eh, well, I do answer for you, as I was and I shall. Guess that’s the way of all teachers.’

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