Lately it all seems quite much like a trouble. Like stuff is not entirely right someplace and that the people are wrong, like the weather does not add up with the mood and the outfits don’t seem to match up with the vibe.
It’s like the whole lot of the world is not as it should be, or is as it should, yet I can’t manage to figure it out.

Last few weeks seem like a large joke, like a prank that full well shows “survive” and nothing besides that. Like – there’s no comfort, no chill, no nurture and will. Like the place is full of things that crawl up and around your skin, with nothing but the dark and the empty within. The people are closed off, the looks given – sting. What crap does one manage to get in and out from within?
The work seems like torture with those that are deprived of common sense and the likes of decency. The harsh truths and the bits that are not for use. Or use like the people are tools and items, like they serve no purpose but being altered. And the dolled up and the foolish smile, all for nothing as it goes with likes.

The feelings of disgust and exhaustion keep blooming in ways like the night rain is looming with dark grey clouds, yet with nothing to rain down on us, but the sad little thing of the promises that wither down thrown on the wind.

But again, the soul seems to thrive from the inside, with the spirit drawn to the higher good of self and all.
The cards in the hands and the drawn spirit to realms, with trust in the self and the betterment of the path we take to reach the right conclusion to the ways.

The bits of the little coffee scattered in the moment of the great bestowment, with ideas that grow to thrive and the mental state that not only survives, but grows in the pace of betterment.