Day One, we’re in the world

Italy, the side of the world where the hot weather and hot coffee make so much sense together. The day is absolutely as it should be – sunny and loud. The cars keep whooshing by, with fine charm. Nonnas and young ladies, keep on sitting in cafe, enjoying their day, as much as the fine gents discuss the work matters at nearby tables.

Great sight of the fresh baked pastry with charming smell and the buzz of the cafe staff at their stations.
World keeps on going, things keep on happening and the life seems to go on.

The little things that life keeps questioning keeps pervading.

There are still doubts about the things that take shape and form, though there is a slight wish, slight chance giving and a bunch of stubborn nature ways where it seems to take place in the works.

Jazz… The jazz in the house and the home brewed coffee. Craving for the conversation and some elaborations, but all seems to be going in due time.
The screech of the system and thin walls, the neighbours shutting doors and smoking outside. Whiff of the electronic cigarette and dash of heat in the day.

It will come and bring bits, as it may.

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