Dear, it’s fine
You don’t have to dine
The evening is unfolding
And all those things are boggling

Darling, it is fine
You’ve not crossed the line
She is still alive and breathing
Should it not be so freeing?

Softly soft, my dear
Come, don’t hold that fear
They won’t come on here
Nor really anywhere

Sweetheart, please don’t run
All this would cease the fun
We’ve only had one beer
Don’t look like headlight deer

Sweety, come, relax
The vinyls playing sax
It’s too damn dark outside
Come, don’t freeze out right

Deary, don’t rush things
And put away those rings
The bourbon on the table
Is waiting you and fable

Please, my dear, come close
And, for gods sake, close those doors
I don’t wish to freeze
And I feel like I’ll sneeze

Baby, take a seat
You act like you’re in heat
Just take that coat right off
And change about that scoff

Honey, feel that touch
Aren’t hands of mine like such
You loved me tracing you
That body and the few

Dear darlin’, what had changed?
Can something be arranged?
Oh don’t be silly
It’s not a problem, really

Come, let me take away the pain
Come, let me mend the vein
Oh darlin’ dear, dear puppet
Don’t act out like a muppet

You know my temper is quite harsh
If you don’t stop, you’re being rash
I too can pick a knife and stab
So, dear come down to the lab

Come check the new great pieces
They come in finest faces
A lot to pick for any day
Come on, touch them, you may

Ah, see, better now
Now dinner’s ready, anyhow
Come get your fill with me
Erase the day and set self free