“.i will.” [poetical story]

I’ve seen you in my dream.
You showed up, holding hand and feel, like there ain’t miles apart, just that…
You’ve asked me if I’d still be seeking, as ‘yes’ I said, I cannot keep it… I still do feel like I crave you and there ain’t single thing I wouldn’t do
As long as we’re on same path, with steps made to one another
And words spoken out loud make sure that there ain’t no other
Whom soul will belong to in short or in long
As long as we both do our best and stay strong
I’ll keep walking each step and each action towards you
That goddamn sure I’ll make sure I will do
Your dark hair and the suit
That caught me off guard, as it should
And I do still have the lingering feel of how I managed to pull up and kiss you
With the hug being so great and surreal, that I wish, as I wished that it were real
I’ll see you soon, my dear…
And I’ll be there for you, to be clear.

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