“Take a breath.”
That made me take a look him in the eyes and give that look of ‘rolling eyes’.
“I’m serious. That’s just some shady shit. Just take a breath.” – He persists.
I tilt my head and take a toke from my cigarette.
“Like that ever really solved shit.” – I utter.
He shakes head.
“I mean, that…” – He lets out sigh, – “…that we need to not wish for death and destruction, or…” – He looks in my eyes, – “…or the drinks and hot people we will shag, in your case, but we need to just get that all together, for a bit.”

The apartment in the summer is too stuffy, so we sat on the balcony, as he nags my jolly old self, while we enjoy some smoke and drinks. Cold spritz alongside him somehow tastes better than usual.
“So,” – I puff out smoke, – ” you want me to not be a d-bag with anger issues, but to chill and…”
“And just let me sort it out for you. You are not supposed to take it all by yourself and conquer and work it out Han Solo Style.” – He takes a toke of own e-cig.

“Ok, look, even your eyes feel tired, as you glance at me. Like, your evil stare now reminds that one of a very exhausted cat on the sun. So come on.” – He pinches my cheek.
“Aish… Can you not?” – I try to pull away, yet he persists.
“Nup. You accept it as is. Take my love, you tsundere.” – He looks serious.
That makes me crack up in a smile.

“That’s it. That’s what I wanna see. Your smile is the best.” – He smiles back and lets go of my cheek. – “Can you tell me something?”
“What you wish to know?” – I ask back.
“I’d love to know how you felt about, well, when I wrote to you.” – The ice in his cup clings, as he takes it to his lips to drink.

Oh yeah, he did feel like out of the blue, when he wrote. Just no idea how he decided to go with it. Really. Still a mystery how he found me. Still feels like magic, to be honest.
“It was very unexpected. To say the least. And it’s not that I thought much of anything. Until we began exchanging more and more messages. Then you just did that thing and blew me away with charm.” – I sit up, to grab my spritz glass, – “What a cunning man you are.” – I squint my eyes at him and smile.

“I was sure you’d not really say anything back… To all that few lines of a message.” – He pouted.
“Well, you followed up with the kind of message that surely had few pages of written story. That, THAT, well, that sure was quite the unexpected thing. But it did make me all giddy.” – I took a toke. – ” Also, you bypassing the agency stuff and being so brazen at all that charm – hmm. Still makes me wonder what drove you so to almost fling all to the curb to go on and message me.”
“I did seek for you. And I found you. So, not letting that go. I really worked hard to find you, you see…” – He leans against the wall.

“You’re the most impressive brat I got to know.” – I let out.
“You’re the most impressive dreamer I know.” – He smiles.