I could have sworn to not to…
But her skin under moonlight and the way the water had devoured her

The way her slim fingers were peeking out from the dark blue of the river and the finest finesse she embodied in that moment…
Not a tragedy, if I may say so
She came to me, during balle and asked for a danse

And we’ve danced all night, almost…

We went to catch air, at some point during moonlit night

And she, in my arms, with the hug and the kiss

And the new-lit, found, burning bliss…
I could not hold back,

As I’ve kissed with the passion that I felt like mad
And she gasped for air, as my fingers had slipped onto her neck to squeeze the air and all the light in those eyes that were lit by looking at me like the God I could be
And she gasped and kissed and eventually,

I’ve missed the moment to let go…
Her hands dropped and drooped, her body limping and I’m just there,

With what’s left of her thing… 

Letting her into the river near
Her body – a perfect clear art form for me to inspire from.
She had the nicest glow of the light on her skin, with no air and no soul within
I’ve devoured her as the sin that she was
And the sweetness she held – flowed over me to amass

It in one go and devour, and hold and sample to self when restlessness comes to forget how the rest is to go, pass…
She floated on, down the river – like the time had carried her with her
Waltz played in the court
I’ve taken the soul of the marquises consort
Her last breath will reside within me
At last her beauty is free  

Image from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Floating_moon_(5838967316).jpg