“What did it all come down to?” [Poetical]

A soul with mind that’s troubled by all and none.
Worried by things and pulled by the foul.
Messed with by bits and thrown down below.
Messages come and messages go

Where did it begin, when will it go?
Mess comes to bother the one
Mess comes as reminder to tatter
Mess is the way mind stops to contrive

The cry of the soul makes the body feel ache
The drag and pull, the thoughts with own give and take
The exclusion of sounds, touch and the people
Thinned, depleted and feeble

Then the need to just “stop”
Press the brakes and get to a halt
Feel the breeze, smell the sea
Make mind freeze, take time thee

Where we’ve come? Where to go?
Is it time? Is it not?
Feeling like tears break out inside
While the body feels too dry

It all no longer is what it seems
It’s torn to bits and ripped in seams
It’s silly thoughts and shabby shit
How did we manage to get to it?

Should i give into exhaustion?
Is that even a possible option?
I mean – there are ways to come to decisions
There are times to finish collisions

Can we make it all from the top
To just breathe, get mind to stop
To get self in hands and make amends
With all that does not serve and all that pulls down
Release and let go by the break of dawn

The feelings of flash back of memories lost
And seemingly joyous at most
Is what they bring to me with no cost
Just when all negative seems to be released and lost

Keep the head up, keep it up, keep it up
It’s not the time or place to give up
There’s the journey that we have to take
There is so much more that we have to make

It’s ok, it’s alright, together, strong with own might
We can conquer, master, perfect the short and far sight
It’s how we bloom and end the story
It’s never how it seems or where it begins
It’s how we manage to progress the things

Photography from https://1217love.tumblr.com/post/641276406978035712/i-am-no-one-and-everyone-in-all-my-lonely-ways

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