It seems to be spiralling out of my understanding. All of it. Well, but then again – having more drinks than expected does that to a person.
Breathing comes at a price of being barely able to make it, so heavy and so stupefying.

Last I could remember was the moment…

It was the moment I walked into the bar. The moment when I had a realization that it was no simple bar, but quite the club like place. With music, dancing, great looking people around and the bar being the lit up zone that charms people to it, like moths to the light.
“Gin-tonic please!” – I manage to say that to the bartender, as I lean in. Well, obvious reasons for music being loud.
My drink in hand and turning around – all these beauties, all these handsome people. With charms and drinks in their systems, as they shake it out and are in such a close proximity.
With some already hugged up, kissing, some being so open with their dances. And of course, the very back, with seats and private tables. Up the stairs there are private area people.
More revealing outfits, more of those hot vibes. I sense myself smiling, as I observe them all.
But it does feel like I’m not the only one to be observing. I sense someone else eyeing me. I managed to find that “someone”. The balconies with those VIPs that chill in a more relaxed manner with some other bits, besides all the drinks provided.
Those eyes and that smile – feels like that person in a way is mirroring me.
Che. What a sneaky brat. Like I’d be charmed by his cunning. Nah.
I get on with my drinks. As I eventually reach the condition to approach the girl I have seen to be the chase of this night. And I did, and we danced together. But the damn eyes of that person do not go off of me.
Pulling this girl along with me, to the corner to make out, as we’re just that good.
“Baby, do you wanna take me out with you?” – I say to her, as I look in her eyes.
“How about I take you out?” – A voice from behind – it’s that guy.
She seems scared for a moment and darts away from me.
“Dude, the hell?” – I call out to him, as I sober up to be ready for some beef with this guy.
And he just shrugs.
“I did say that I’d like to take you out.”
I take a deep breath.
“Jog on.” – I say, as I turn on my heels and begin my walk back to bar.
He grabs me by the hand.
“I’m serious here.” – He says, with a smile that in a way daringly calls me out.
“THe hell you want with me, boy? Eager to taste some adventures or plain curious of similarity?” – I take another deep breath, then look at his hand holding me, as I glare at him. Then I close my eyes for a moment, smile caressing my lips and I look at him. – “Sure. Have a try.”

He takes my hand and pulls me along to the balcony, then to the door at the back, with a security standing. One nod of his and the door opens – we’re into this extension with some more reds and velvets, looks like it’s a special club.
“How about a chat first..” – He begins.
“I’d prefer another drink, as I feel sobering up for this one.” – I plainly let out.
He gives me a glance.
“What?” – I say unfazed.
He presses lips, then smiles.
“Just amused.” – He replies.
Sure you are baby boy. Sure you are.

We enter a secluded room padded with red leather all over. There is a table in the middle, with a pole hosted on top of that. Quite a high ceiling and a spacious place in general.
I take a seat. He seats opposite.
“So, drinks?” – I stare him down.
“Sure. Gin tonic, was it?” – He smiles.
“Guess being such a… Adds up to character.” – I smile back.
Moment later and a bartender brings in the cocktails.
“How about you tell me how you found this place.” – He says.
“Like any other human – via internet and navigation.” – I let out.
“Hmm, this place is known indeed… But never thought that the foreigners were aware of it.” – He spoke.
I laugh back at him, as I shake my head. Smiling at this being.
“And? Pulling that Sherlock Holmes on me? How cute.” – I smile, as I drink my gin. – “So?”
“Hm, I’m intrigued.” – He lets out, as he devours his glass in a go.
“Intrigued?” – I raise eyebrow.
“Yes, intrigued and really pulled, for some reason. Who are you?” – He keeps his eyes one me.
“Well, last time I checked – human. Although it might be a foolish presumption – but I might be a speck of stardust in meat suit.” – I let out.
“Very intriguing.” – He looks serious. Dead serious. Then slowly his lips spread in this charming smile. – “My name is …///…”
“Nice to meet you, is that it?” – I let out, drinking gin. – “Can I go? I really feel like those pretty girls out there fit my taste more than this conversation.”
“You really…” – He smiles even more. New feeling about it. Now it makes me a bit worried. I genuinely feel my heart beating a bit faster.
“Let’s try it out then. I’ll let you go. And if I meet you again outside this place – I’ll take you with me. Agreed?” – He said, as he reached his hand to me.
I took his hand in a handshake.
“Well, guess it’s game.” – I let out.
I was accompanied back to the dancing part. I went straight back to bar in there.
The whole setup seemed more unnerving. I feel my heart pounding in the manner that I have forgotten there.
Uff, girl, this is adventurous.

Eventually I drink some more and am out with a few girls. They’re all over each other. And that is just so charming that I feel like I’m a third wheel here.
I help them get a taxi and helped them in.
Watching taxi go off into unknown place, as I felt like that thing them got there – is damn hot and romantic.
“Well, gotta be on my way back then…” – I say to self, as I turn to walk towards my apartment.
“Why haven’t you gone with them?” – I hear his voice from a side.
“Coz a gentleman does not use an excuse to mess with someone that’s a mess to begin with.” – I smile at him. – “Have a good night.”
I walk on.
He walks next to me.
“I did say that I’ll take you with me, if I see you again.”
“That you did.”
“And you shook on it.”
I take a look at him, as I keep walking.
“Then you better figure that out in an instant, or I’m taking you with me.” – I simply reply.
“You’re amusing.” – He lets out in a breath, as he grabs my hand and gets me to stop.
“Come on, my car is there.” – He points out to the parked car on a side of the road.
“Drunk driving is not nice.” – I say.
“I’m not drunk.” – He says, as he pulls me along.
“How convenient that is. A sober driver.” – I sarcastically remark.

We get in a car and drive.
Eventually it’s some high rise building.
I already feel the “tired” feeling that gin gives you eventually.
The car goes into the underground parking. Eventually stopping.
We get out, then he walks me to an elevator and up we go.

“Quite the view.” – I say with appreciation to what I get to see from this massive windows.
“Thanks, I picked it.” – He says. – “You don’t seem that drunk.”
I turn to look at him in the kitchen area.
“I learned the hard way that I gotta keep that under control. Unless I’m able to unwind silly in a place I’ll never see again.” – I walk towards the kitchen island. – “So, dear gentleman of honor, what made you have me as a pick for the night?”
He laughs, then puts a bottle of gin on the table, along with a bottle of whiskey.
“Your eyes did.” – He says, as he looks at me.
I let out a smile, shaking my head softly.
“That’s quite the romantic approach darlin’. You don’t seem the type to mess with things.” – I say.
He seems at ease now, like he actually opens up.
“I just felt that I found what I searched for.” – He says, as he gets glasses and pours us drinks.
I stay silent. I felt something similar. Or did I? Maybe my tired self if messing with me.
“Just so you know, I’ll be soon in condition to drop on that sofa and sleep like a log.” – I say, as I have another sigh.
He nods.
“Noted.” – Then he passes me gin. – “Your drink, milady.”
“You sure can be charming.”
“I am charming.”
“Now that is called being pompous.”
He laughs.
“You are something else.” – He looks me in the eyes. – “Just what is it that makes me so?”
“That’s exactly my point. I’d like to know also. Please share once you get a gist.” – I yawn, then drink a bit.
“Could you show me to the bathroom?” – I ask tiredly.
“Sure.” – He guides me to the room back.
Once I get to bathroom and he’s about to walk off, I say to him.
“Hey, just so you know, all this makeup is going off and there’s no coming back from it. So don’t be too scared.” – I plainly let out.
He laughs as he throws “It’ll be alright.”, as he walks back to the kitchen.

Once out from the bathroom, I walk back to the kitchen.
“Oh damn..”
I hear him let out. I look up at his face. He does look surprised, but not as much as I’d imagined.
“Did you really wear makeup?” – He asks.
“I did.” – I reply, as I take a seat.
“Hm, you still look good.” – He downs his whiskey.
“Is that you or the drink in the system talking?” – I smile.
“Definitely me. If that were the drink – I’d be the one in the toilet.”
I nod.
“Makes sense. By the way,” – I say, he looks at me. – “I did forget your name. So, back to introductions.”
He chuckles.
“My name is Erika.” – I let out. – “I’m a person of creative industry, got the audacity to talk to people and the love for the interesting.”
“My name is Jun. I’m also in the creative industry. Many can actually recognise me.”
“Uuu, Jun is a celebrity then.” – I say.
“I actually am.” – He smiles at me.
“Well, your looks are great, but I’d be more interested in what’s hidden beneath that. A gentleman to begin. A person that people are afraid to mess with. A VIP with a dark side. That’s about right to be a character in a really nice fiction story.”
“You’re a writer, aren’t you?”
“Wanna be my inspiration?”

The evening progressed slowly. Eventually after some more chat I fell asleep on the couch.
Waking up to the smell of breakfast being made in a morning felt charming.
Really charming.

“Did you really think I’d let you go?”

“I’d find you anywhere you go.”

“We’re meant to be. Tied by destiny.”

“I’ll never let you go.”

“I love you.”

Is that what you think it could be?
Nah, it was even more maddening.
It was the spark and the heartbeat that echoed the madness that brewed in a heart.
It became a thing – to challenge each other and see the flame that burns towards each other.
Distance never mattered. We managed to find…

The peace and the madness alongside each other, mixed in the inevitable.
You did catch me off guard eventually, as you managed to full heartedly say “yes”.

Yes, you know what I mean. You too are a part of it.
And you share this with me, as I do so with you.
No distance matters… When it’s so goddamn bound to be.

Heavily influenced by “Panic at the Disco – House of Memories” song ❤