Body bends in laughter.
“You truly think that will be a sight to make me fall for?”
Hysterical laughter fills premises. Old chambers of the church trembling from rumbling.
“Oh come on! Come on! You’ve played the role of demon crowned,
When all are jesters in the crowd. You’ve killed and you’ve misplaced the hearts,
You messed with life of simple twats.
You’ve played the sinner priest in church, as you’ve plead faith and spoke of light,
Of godly blessings and delight from owning up and fully being in belief.
Of how miserable were the lives of those who sat and ate each of your words.
You’ve played the lonely actor in the crowd of madness and steeped so low to shatter dreams that kept some going through the life that’s drowned them…”
A glass picked up and wine was gulped.
“Excuse me dear, but that’s absurd. You cannot waltz yourself before me and then pretend to be the victim. Of honey, you’ve drunk blood of silly people in the gospels… What was it? Ah, don’t mind. And then there was that horrid sight of mass extinction of some poor beings that left to you all their precious souls. Really, you come to me to whine and ask for help? Don’t really see this happen here.”
The person walks to the chair, then pulls down remnants of a human.
“So tell me, honey, how come I’m here to see you fall so low? Are you not the trickster of the dome? What brought you here, to such depths of hell on earth?”
Few steps and there’s a thud. The body is soaked in blood. The person who’s deemed the evil is being the one so weak, so crumbling in fact, that he almost cannot speak.
“Please..” – Comes out a hoarse and weak voice. – “Please.”
“Oh no, darlin’, no! You can’t blame me for being so, but you do see yourself, m? I’m not touching a single strand on you. Unless…” – A smirk appeared on a face. – “Unless you willfully, with your own words, state to all the gods and those who are lost to those, that you sell yourself to me for all of the fucking eternity. Does that sound good, m?”
The evil, angry glare – becomes a stare. His body is weak, as blood is all over the floor and he’s knee deep in all that was unique, but now is merely that which drags on the possessive soul.
“Oh, I see that it’s your typical ‘no’.” – A smirk on a face grew into a smile. – “Well, sweety, you’re either dead, or plead forever to be mine.” – Shrug of shoulders and he gets up to come closer to that, who cannot pick body up from the floor. Knees as if glued, body heavy, the merciless battle made him almost crumble to bits.
“Oh don’t worry. You can pick whichever more fits. Not that I care how you end up dead. Not my cuppa tea, to be said. But don’t worry, I’ll just sit and watch you wither. At least that will do.”

The sun shining in, with the dazzling light, yet this local demon that consumes ones fright will be here, as he were, enjoying the sight of someone that was a whole lot of fright, once that was king… But now – look at him… Wounds all over, bleeding like cattle that’s there to be dinner, weak and yet with eyes that can rise the dead. That anger can move hoards of the evil… Well, how fun is to enjoy watching him succumb to one who was the lowest ‘lamb’ in legion.
The silence had kept the cold in the church… With stalling of fallen king and the arbiter, that served the church.
The weather darkened, clouds slowly filled the sky. A bit more and a patter was across the whole of the height. The rain went harder, then softer, with variety of beat and sounds.
“Come closer” – Anger filled eyes, with body too heavy to rise, had spoken in barely audible voice.
The arbiter waved hand.
“Oh no. That’s not how it goes. You do know better.”
The anger had not died, yet the tired sense oozed from the next sentence.
“I sell myself to you. Bound for eternity to the one that calls himself by the name of Kiel. For the rest, until my very death.”
“What good boy we have here…” – Sense of superiority and achievement was felt in the voice, getting up by own choice and walking towards the almost dead being. – “I’m taking you into my service, as a slave bound by his foot, to my words and my commands, as I’m making my thoughts. You’ll be mine and mine only, by the string of the holy chain, by the foot and the heart – you’re mine, never to part.” 

The wounds began to heal, as body grew with power, the red and chaining bloody seal was wrapped around in power.
He rose to feet, with blood evaporating into mist that dissipated.
“I won’t forgive you.”
“Nor shall I, my dear, did you forget who was I?” – The smirk and the wish for death was there in the face of the Arbiter. – “Darling, I was the one you killed and placed to serve for the part. Then, well, yes, few centuries later you don’t remember that…”
The other smiled, walked over and took the hand of the arbiter in his, then raised that hand and kissed.
“I pledge my service, my master.” – The eyes smirked with disaster.
Arbiter pulled the hand away and walked to the altar, as he shook head in disapproval.
“How silly of me, yet how cunning of you. To know from then on, or even before… How the events will befall. How cunning indeed.”
“I would not trade that knowledge for even a bit. To kill you and know how you grow. To know how you raise and fall. You’ve made quite a great thing out of self. I’m glad I came to love you.”
“You never did. Just keep saying that to self, you misfit. Well, how sad. But then again, you’re bound little twat in my hands for all the life to hold. So you better make sure to keep me pleased.”

Hands wrap around the waist and kiss is on the neck.
“I’ll make sure to keep that in check.”