It was the new thing that was all over the media.
Guys and girls with the metallic nails in their collar bones, on the sides.
“Please, just get some sense in him, please. He should shop it.” – A friends mother was pleading me to explain to my friend that such alteration to body was too much.
But I have heard their explanation. So there is no way for me to explain it to his mother that I do get her point and their point too. But I cannot help.
“It is a new religion. A cult.” – I say. – “It’s a part of what they get during initiation. It’s what it is.”
Is what I managed to say. But seemingly that got things worse.
The way I recall this conversation it went like so…
I met them during office gathering. And there were already four or five of those with nails sticking out from their collarbones. The nails stuck outside for like 3-4 cm. The clothes were altered in a way that got them wearing all fine, with collarbones exposed, as the nails were exposed.
“What’s it for?” – I asked, as I could not be surprised in this life any more of their outbreaks of odd. It became a norm long ago.
“This is to connect to other ones.” – They let out.
“Connect to other ones?” – My eyebrow shot up. I was puzzled.
“Yes.” – They replied.
I tilted head, nodding, to get more out of it.
“It’s a religion.” – They continued.
“Uhum.” – I gave a nod, as I kept eye contact.
“This is made to connect to us. Like, out past, present and future selves. Like, to be synchronised across the time. But that also makes it through the multiverse. Like, I connect to me in different realities and space parallels.” – They went on. – “It’s all to be more enlightened, to gasp more information.”
They seemed proud and happy with what they’ve said.
Inside my head I went on thinking about how that’s the new thing they got in their head and how it might or might not pass. But checking out the other ones with same nails in their collarbones – I was not sure that it’s gonna be the case of it being something for a bit. It was more for a lifetime.
And I did get it. It’s what they’ve sought for. It’s where they found their explanation to things. Maybe calling even. Something that makes sense in their reality.

This cult was growing by day. The way this was expanding – got many authorities worried.
And they had a right to be worried. Afraid even. This cult had produced the superpowers. The ones that were in cult, began showing their powers… All connected and acquired through the two nails in the collarbone. The inter-dimensional connection of one being through space and time.
Oh how the world began to go off from own axis to all the ones who live.

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