“We’ve been here for decades, yet you still have that pungent smell about the words you spew at times.” The shift in hall that’s filled with fallen leaves, as all windows are opened and curtains softly wave in breeze. Outside had changed from dreary evil town of void, dread, ashed snow and beastly horror that freezes blood in veins.

“You still seem pretty amazing at giving a helping hand.” – The man walks to grand piano, that’s covered in layer of dust. – “Don’t you wish to see how it starts over? Those memories do last… And she’s been there, just forgetfully dilly-dallying streets of other places that’s filled with more distaste in human traces.”
He picks up lid, as dust is flying around.

“You think she’ll be back? To us?” – Long white hair fall down the shoulders and back, the robe he’s wearing is with long sleeves. This robe changed colour to one that’s more red, although it was black many years, instead. The pattern of yellow is mixed in there. This robe’s touching floor, as he sits in there.

“She was, is and will be part of this realm. This is her shadow, her gardened self. Like us,” – dark hair strand is removed from the face, he touches the piano keys with right hand, – ” there is them, that keep roaming outside. From garden, to magic, to those who reside in rooms filled with dust, faded rust and old memories. We’re here to wait for her, as she waits for us too. I mean, I’d still like to kiss her face, run my fingers through the disgrace she keeps under clothes and calls body. I want her to moan my name, be her ‘somebody’. Then tie that girl up, shove a knife in her side and watch her lights in eyes go off, as she’ll smile and understandingly say the lie of ‘I too, love you’. As she might.”

“Not in a thousand years she’ll agree to such treatment from you.” – White hair falls down from shoulder, the man gets up to wander the room that was left hastily behind.
“And you think she’ll greet you? With love and joy, so that you’d enjoy pleasing her to death in a grip of possessive self? You’d be pulling her out like a book from the shelf you cannot live without. Rereading each chapter until mind is so drunk you cannot feel how betrayal was brought and you made her so sweetly suffer. Oh really, dear brother? You think you are better than me?”
The gaze of gray eyes under white haired disguise stared at smirk and a gist from the person whose wrist was threaded in red, as his own…
“There is no way in void you’d ever have her.”
“Are you sure? Truly sure she’d look qt us like she looked at us before?” – Tired smile with regret, as the keys are met with fingers, yet not played at all. – ” She’s older, wiser… And even if she’d look at us like before… She would not let us play games we did long ago. Not an inch of the shit we managed to pull would be now near her graceful soul. I sense she grew a warrior. I would kneel before her… I’d kill, to have her… I truly would make all suffer in pain and regret, just to have her met with my love and be accepted. Dear brother, you do know what I mean. Even though we’re like so, yet we share her as sin.”
Robe was brushing the floor. Old wooden planks were softly squeaking as he walked bare feet.

“It’s been years. It’s truly been years…” – Long sleeves fall to the elbow, as raised hand traces top of the head. – “I have waited…”

“You’ve waited as much as we’re here.” – A sharp sigh is let out and the footsteps follow. – “You know that you were the one to get a hold of her, when she walked streets that night, as the monsters rampaged all in sight. Eating souls they’d find on streets, yet stupid enough not to seek above third floor of houses that stand in rows. And what? Remember holding her by hand as you walked narrow path, then up to the stairs and here to the hallways of residing despairs that were, what? Six of us? Back in time that was us up on this goddamn floor, playing hide and seek, surviving as gore during plague of that what was not fit and ash rain and ash snow as the seasons changed. It was a horrid, cold world… We lived in.”

Grey eyes looked right at the hall, the windows that were opened to the outside world. His brother stood beside him. White hair shook, as head shook, with a memory long forgotten.
“Elyon played piano…” – He spoke.
“Which is partially rotten…” – Brother cut.
“There was the Kai and Eliot, and that….”
“That shadow brat, which would disappear, after forging a pact. With that hell knows what. Adrian seems to still be the asshole. Not that I’d say he is shit…”
“But he was there when all was in blood and no lights were lit. He proved that we could be surviving.”
“Yeah, through magic old and shitty binding.”
“That was at least something he did. You plainly hid.”
“I sure did. It was absolutely horrid out there.”
“And I scouted the streets of that nightmare…”
“You did well at that, yes, but let’s come back to that night when that guest arrived.”
“She was scared.”
“That she was.”
“She was lost.”
“That is true.”
“And she somehow showed love for us…”
“Like we did too…”
“And she cried.”
“That I remember clearly.”
Both had made silence fall around clearly.

“She was first human in lands of evil.” – Black hair were rustled in breeze.
“She was first one that possessed that evil.” – Grey eyes met with green of his brothers.
“She brought our demise… Yet with graceful change in life.” – Emerald green eyes looked far beyond the horizon line. – “She gave us hope.”
“I loved her teary eyes, the way she’d cling to me in a hug, clutching hands gripping me tight. When she feared I might die.” – Grey in the eyes and smile had softly graced lips.
“I’d love to have her with her tight grip around me again as well. Or how she slept close to me, and how that warmth seethed through me, filling soul with something maddening. I don’t regret that hardening and madness that did fall through cracks, as I bit her back, kissed her lips and tore side of her wrist…” – Smirk and tongue that traced lips. – “I loved the taste of her lips.”
“I miss her in all those ways too. It’s a fucking insanity to share blood with you.” – Turned around and went back to his seat on a sofa, his white hair almost hitting brother.
“Well, let’s just face it, dear brother.” – Black shirt, black trousers and shoes… Green eyes with lit fuse. – “I remember what we both did. Not just me. So you better wake up and see that we both greatly screwed up with what we had. And I do wish that she comes back.”

“You mean me?” – Her dark hair, her smile and devilish glare, the dress long and heavy. – “You sure had grown, baby.”
Her remarks hit hard on the both. They stare in surprise at her.
“Oh, dear sweety, don’t be like that. If I remember correctly you spoke of me before um… I walked in on your drama.” – She giggles a bit. – “Oh don’t be sorry. I know how you worried, eating each others mind apart.”
He walks over, taking two steps and hugs her tight, misbelieving that it truly could be… The smell of heat from the skin, the warmth from within, the same strength in embrace.
“I’m…” – His green eyes haze.
She hugs him and pats him on back.
“I know.” – She said that…
The robe shifts on floor as we walks, then he hugs her from another side, sandwiching girl in between these guys. She snuggles against their cheeks.
“I’ve missed you too, you devilish geeks.” – Her softness and fondness in way she speaks… She’s back to where they could hardly please time in the lengthy waiting for her. But this – this they could not account for.
“I love you too. So don’t smother me. We still have that elder tea? How about some, m?” – She pecks each cheek surrounding her.
Then body they hold begins falling apart. The damn clay made thing of the goblins attack…
“This joke will not be tolerated at all…” – The rage in those eyes was accounted for.
“Trust me, that was last straw for either of us. No longer the tricksters will play with us.” – Grey eyes lit with fire to kill. Murder time will prevail, it will.

Once blood soaked two brothers came back to the house. They’ve stumbled across the same lass. She’s there, sitting on the chair, right next to the old grand piano.
They stood in a doorway, with weapons in hand, ready to strike for all it’s meant.
The music begins and two fall into stupor. The melody played is as suitor. Same melody played only when she was here and no longer ever did this piano make a sound to share.
“Oh my.” – She looks up, as she seeks blood soaked figures. Then smile and a laugh escapes from this figure. – “Good lord you two,” – She says through her laughing, – “no changes to view, you still strike the dead for nothing.”
She laughs. She gets up and walks over to both. Her hands coming up, her palms cupping cheeks of both.
“You really need shower.” – She looks them in the eyes. – “This blood soaked horror does not suit your eyes.”

“Is this joke?” – Grey eyes look with no speck of hope.
“I’m not really sure.” – Green eyes try to focus on what’s in front him, with more…
“You do know that there’s water back now, right?” – She looks back, smirk, sparky eyes. – “I better hear your excuses after you look like selves, without bloody attire to wear above all. I mean, you do like the dirty play and all, but I rather give hug to a cleaner you. My dear Ary,” – She eyes grey eyed gent, – ” my dear Erick.”
She looks at them like a mother that scolds kids.
“Well go on, you merciless twats! I ain’t got the time for bloodied brats!”

They look at each other, seethe weapons and go, to shower as they know – she’s her. Like before. Same as always, yet definitely something more.