“Shh… Let us pray…” 12.2020 prompts

Sitting outside the shrine.
The weather is cold, and you’re a bit of a… Really, alright, I get that you forgot to dress to the weather, as one might. But let us just come to a stand still.
You have settled with coffee, as have I. We sit right on a bench on a side. Air is chilly, breath makes fog, it’s been raining, although it’s supposed to snow.
“It’s been tough… I just hate it…”
“Yeah, I know. It’s been hard.” – I let out. – “Yet we’ll face it, no matter what.”
“But come on! It is long! It is taking too much! I have so much I’ve done, but it seems like not much!”
I let out deepest sigh. This been going a while. The forever “I’m done” and the endless “I’m right”.
“Let us pray…”
“I don’t believe.”
“I’m not asking you to. I’m not pushing that, dear.”
“That’s just bullshit.”
I sigh.
“I’ll begin, for us both.”
Hands together, eyes closed, I come to inner hold.
“It is me, I am here. I’d just like to come clear…” – I relax in my seat, as I feel like it’s clear. – “I release all the anger, all the jealousy, rampage, all the negative cloaked stuff that takes the advantage. I release all that’s evil, all that’s negative in me. I don’t want it to spread, I don’t want it to be me. I release all the tension, all the void and the sadness. I have craved for attention, yet attracted the madness. I release all the glutton, all the ego, all that. I no longer am person to be built out of that. May I be blessed with goodness, with the good vibes and love. May I spread all the better vibes that come out to this world. I accept the abundance, love, the happiness, trust. May I be filled with passion towards goals that I cast. May all those who’s around me, blessid be with the light. May we all be in greater, better, loved, happy world.”
There is silence in air and I open my eyes. She is gone – not a care. And I’m all that is there.
“Guess that’s a win, once again… To be leaving my ego. Once again to be here, fully being aware.”
It is cold in december. Though it seems like long autumn. Winters cold in the air, yet the snow melts in air.
Raining days keep on going, but again, so am I.
In the life we’ll keep strolling, through great gardens of shine.


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