“Nature inside brick conundrum” 12.2020 prompts

The roads are filled with traffic, as the pedestrians hurry to and from.
At night it seems more like a quiet, abandoned moment from a film, that was created long ago.
The projector streams onto wall the memories we’ve somehow created. The lesser and lesser I remember of how it was, the more and more I watch it on wall. Pillows stacked on a seat, blanket scattered on floor, someone missed the exit as he walked passed his love.
There are ways life progresses, life unfolds and evolves.
There is also the guesses – the idle, serene thoughts.
Garden on an office building rooftop, plants well presented in cafe, the arrangements of little parks and bits that rip the poor world apart.
They create something by trying to solve the problem, they scream at each other, in ways they’d never to mother, yet no action is actually taken at all… Shouts as echoes in deep deep holes.
There is life, that tries best to come up with a plan. To grow up and digest all that horrible ban – to the words, to the actions, to the wishes and thoughts. Where have we ended? Who would have thought…
Then the action to hurry to unknown to behold, what comes over in trolley to the one that comes home. Avalanche of products to stack above head, above needs, above love, above rights… What we meant?
Maybe freedom of action? Yet it’s bound with restrictions.
Maybe freedom of speech? But be sure to not hurt feelings of each.
Maybe freedom to think? Nah. The parents won’t like. Gotta be like the rest, gotta grow up unkind.
Then some souls manage battles that the eyes cannot see. For the love and the freedom, for the wealth of each thee. And they keep on with battles, to release and let go. To ascend, to be better, not just self, but for all.
And there’s plenty to work on, and there’s plenty to make. But behold on the workload that these blessid will take…

From the tree in the pot, that comes to be on the balcony, to the sudden odd plot, that reveals oldest enemy…
There is life in a plant, as there is in the soul. To be growing inside, to be growing once more…
Take those hands, put together, rub about, feel your strength… May the oddly nice weather, take the moment to make… You dear self come be happy. For no reason at all. You are surely the better, greatest version of all.
Let’s be real for a second.
I don’t truly recall, moment when in a droplet – there’s so much to behold. There is so much to gasp from the greatness of you, there is so much to see, from the new that you hold.
Hun, don’t hurry, all is on in due time. Just relax and enjoy this – passing by film of life.
Hun, remember, so dearly, something you might forgot : you are loved, you are plenty, you are greatest to hold.


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