The scent of fragrance lingers in the air. Brightness coming softly. The morning of new day draws near, revealing newer care. Each mystery comes easy with a great decision, with a simple answer.
Fine linen seeping through my fingers, as I caress empty bedside without you. The warmth that’s been had left so long ago. I care of own new path, just as I go.
Adventures, road and sun will light my path. Success in power, lighter walk, the strife…
The heart comes lighter, it seems more brighter, the sunshine seeping in the room. Cats stretching, checking if I come to.
The radio plays as alarm, the renewed jolly vibe elates. I feel like marvel that creates the joy of life in makers hands.
Like clay in potters hands.
The linen light and soft, the righteous touch. It’s new great life that comes along. Not one is wrong. Just lessons learned and we move on. The dragging of the feet is gone.
Each day creates new story. One greatness filled and marvel brought. With all success, with wealth and youth. The sun will shine onto the life, like road will keep us rolling right. The sights of new revealed so much, the inspirations itch and scratch. The making of the jitter feel – and there again – new chance revealed. Each day producing newer ways – there’s places, choices, not the game of “Simon says”.
The new developed rockabilly, the smile of girlie in a seat, the road ahead and many meetings… No pity, no bad vibes – just joy instead…
The story is so vague and isn’t finished. You make each day and you don’t count what’s in it. Appreciate and grow – there’s endless room for it.
You know and I do know – there’s places we must visit, and lives we have to live. The strife and lightness in the stead… Get ready for the life ahead…

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