There goes override, as she turns around on her heels.
With swift hand gesture – all goes beyond their believe.
The turntable plays fine music of jazz
She dressed up in finest and there goes bazazz
This gallery waited for new great exhibit
And she’s got the best thing for all eyes – no limits
There’s love, there’s also the hate, the drama, the heart-string-be-late
The moment salvation, the promises lost, the letter in hand and the food from buffet
Fine cigarette lit, the wine glass in hands – there’s that fine Brigitte
The taste of the best
She displays the lives, the stories untold
The lovers left lies and much of old fort
With chips in the mouth, and eyes on the lights –
She’s grabbing her life and throws paint on as such
“This canvas is pretty, but darker than wished…
Now honey, let’s make it from scratch…
Learn all what we lack, make better decisions and grow into the best.
Boy, this goddamn wine serves my nerves as a rest.”
She turns, looks at friend,
“Hey Betty! Come here! I’ve got some good wine to share, if you dare.”
The cheeky grin-smirk and a laugh that erupts.
Whats new – is all life. What’s left – is to boost.

Clear gallery walls, be ready to see – the greatest of artisan marvels of thee.

house for two artists ~ förstberg ling | photos © markus linderoth