[28] “Float” prompt Inktober2020

Just passing by the houses upon houses on the street that leads to another street, all to eventually reach the house.
I’ve been slower than ever today at walking.
Just enjoying the little things today. The cat on the porch of a house, the flowers that bloom in the garden, the sculpture in the small cut-out church, the bushes and trimmed grass…
I also pass by the old house. The front garden bushy, like jungles, with old tree hanging and looking like storage of secrets.
There’s also small water fountain… or maybe just a large vase, that ended up flooded. I liked how the flowers floated atop.
I stared at it for long while. Wind gently pushing them back and forth, birds flying down to drink or bathe inside.
Just little world, beyond the old rusted fence, the house of secrets and maybe heartfelt embrace.
I got home late that night.
It almost gave me a fright. My house looked way different… From inside. And then I remembered – I got to the other side.

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