The shovel was hitting ground over and over. Pile of earth was growing bigger and bigger.
“She said that she’ll not touch the cat.” – Felix cried. – “She said she’d not touch the cat…”
With snot wiped on the sleeve and the shovel continuing to make the hole in the yard bigger, Felix grieved.

The cat he loved so much. So-so much. Just ended up dead in the kitchen for some reason. Looking all alright, with no bruises and cuts, but breathless.
He found his cat, Fluffy, out there… Out there… When he asked stepmother to look after the beloved cat, whilst he went for a two day camp trip with his school class.
Believing that all would be still good upon return.

“She never really liked my cat… this horrible woman..” – Tears went on and on, as he dug on. – “Should have never left Fluffy with her. What a witch.”
He grieved as he kept on his work.

The body of a woman was then pushed in. She was covered in blood, with knife wounds over her body.
Felix began getting the hole filled.
“You should have not been such a bad person. Fluffy did not deserve that.”